Whispers on the wind

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Well this started off as an ambient sound roaming around doing its psychadelic stuff and then i started adding stuff to my psychadelic cake...
Its not something that everyone will like but if you are into psychadelic music like The Mars Volta you will probably enjoy it a bit at least xD
This song is about those crazy ideas everyone has once on a while but are too crazy to tell other, its also about getting high or drunk, thats why it makes no sense xD.


Whoooooooooooah buddy, this sounds awesome. This is the kind of stuff I really like. Time for review #2!

The Good:
-That intro. It's really atmospheric and could use a bit more movement to it IMO (like, some melodies rather than just the pad), but those sound effects you use make it sound really nice and clean.
-Sounds pretty much like psychedelic rock to me, yeah.
-God, those drums are really tasty when they come in.
-Once again, nice mixing!
-Mixed feelings about the harmony of the delay from 1:40-1:47. It simultaneously sounds really cool and awkward. That's the main part where it's somewhat of an issue, the rest of the place it sounds really cool.
-3:14 has a really nice high-end reverb. I like how you're introducing more sound effects too, they sound pretty sweet and suffice as a buildup to the transition at 3:23. Suggestion - change the chords right at 3:11 and 3:20 so that they (A) fit in with the vocal note and (B) help the listener know "oh, a change is coming".
-3:07-3:11, I noticed the title! :D Do I get a cookie?
-I really like the parts at 3:23 and 3:42 (by the way, the transition at 3:42 is really nice). Slide notes are awesome.

The Not-So-Good:
-As I said, bit more movement in the intro would have been nice.
-The guitar solo has some wrong notes and rhythms, like at 1:20, 1:59, and 2:05. Remember, you can do multiple takes and split up the guitar solo into sections!
-I think the guitar should have stayed in after its solo, but gone into the background. Like, done some rhythmic notes - not the split chords that the other guitar is doing, but more of a percussive sound.
-Your voice is very listenable and really nice, but I have no idea what in the world you're saying. It's drowned out by the rest of the music. Try checking out stereo separation and merge them completely so it 'sticks out' in the center of the mix. This applies EVERYWHERE. (oh yeah, and stereo separation works even when you're panning it. Add the reverb after the stereo merging so that it can still separate a bit, but don't put on too much reverb because that'll make the words muddy)
-After about 2 minutes of pretty much the same drumbeat, I'm getting bored of it. Good thing you changed it up at 3:23.
-Starting at about 4:06, the delay harmonies start not working. You should be able to automate them out. Also, some of the slidey things and guitar SFX aren't working.
-Ending is bleh. Sense of conclusion pl0x.

Overall: I like this a lot better than your other one, but there are still some problems, and your solo is once again not very refined or fully good. As I said, remember that you can do multiple takes of the solo and even write a solo before playing it!
8/10 <--this was difficult to do. For some reason, the stars weren't appearing so that I could rate it very easily.

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Nice! This really lets your "know how" shine through the song im not too into psychadelic stuff but you killed this and those vocals are off the chain XD

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DivoFST responds:

Thanks a lot Gzus!
Man listen to a bit of Pink Floyd and some of the craziest Beatles stuff, you will enjoy this psychedelic world!

This is damn awesome! I just upgraded to a pair of Monitoring Speakers today so this is one of the first tracks I've tested them out on and I'm impressed. The guitar work is awesomesauce, the atmospheric pads are beautiful and the vocals go with the track very well.

Enjoy having a new fan dude :)

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DivoFST responds:

Thanks for the comment!
Having new fans is my main goal so a thousand thanks to you sir!!!

this Is a creation of art but with sounds . simply perfection to my ears. well done !

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DivoFST responds:

Thanks a lot housecatt!!
If you would be so kind to fan my NG page more psychedelic songs will await you for sure!!


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