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HDC: Teqneek vs WarSpawn

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Author Comments

HDC Presents: Teqneek vs WarSpawn! Teqneek won 9 to 8, but express your opinion if ya want. Props to Teqneek on the close battle!


Order of appearance:
Verse 1: Teq
Verse 2: WarSpawn
Verse 3: Teqneek
Verse 4: WarSpawn

Props to Grime Buzz for the beat! Check his page here: http://www.youtube.com/us er/GrimeBuzz


Warspawn raped teqneek. end of story.

HDC responds:

WS -5 Teq -2

Hey! War got into a battle with a serious opponent! Also love the beat. And just kidding. Props to Mao and Wolfie.

Teqneek's lines part 1:

garbage and fraudulent fuck/actually suck - +
tackle this assclown/milkdud and still beat your ass down - ++
dick in the quicksand/superhero name then it would be Bitch Man/dick fan/Mick's hand - +++
leave it at that/beaten that ass/asthma attack/suck as a human your music is whack - +
totem pole/natural (prick?)/simple bitch - 0
bars for/car door - +
rap class/larping with gasmasq - ++

War-Spawn's lines part 2:

sounds just like nimbus minus the flow bars and crowd that would listen - ++
don't mean you can spit/lemme show you how this novel get graphic - +
nuttin but a gimmick/so much someone think that you're fixin - +
asthma cuz I smoke chumps like you/runnin thru this whole crew - ++
milkdud that'd be an improvement/doesn't have me movin - ++
more real than you/ more skill than you/more ill than you - +
techinical with the teq nine/how can teq shine/protect nine of you pussy lines to the teq (rhyme?)/toward my architect rhymes/wreck rhymes - ++

Teqneek's lines part 2:

just a fool quit/full clip/indecipherable bullshit/retire you from music - ++
slow your breathin down a little bit/little shit/little bitch wit a uterus - +
i can stress that (nothin truth??)/(what I'm gonna do?)/I'm better than you at every fuckin thing/never gonna stop me dude - +
emphysema/rich medina/call in fema/how convenient - ++
knock your own self out/address that now/dick so much/what the fuck you suck - +

War-Spawn lines part 2:

filler was truly amazing/cuz you can't say it - 0
last four lines/bout the teq nine - 0
yo its you dummy/you could do ta me - +
what you do/know that they're true - ++
bite from big pun then bitch about gun talk/capital punishment prove that you a fraud - +
usin john dean to (shunt?) cuz you a flop/really dawg stop - ++
general G/lyrically better than me/stop inhalin helium/not beatin em - +

Total for Teqneek: +17, one 0
Total for War-Spawn: +18, two 0's

Better flow: War-Spawn, +
Better delivery: Teqneek, +
Better wordplay: War-Spawn, +
Better closes: Teqneek, +

Total - Teqneek +19, War-Spawn +20

Super close battle, watch the filler boys, do your research and don't be afraid to get at it.

HDC responds:

WS -4 Teq -2

I liked that you tried to change your flow a bit throughout your two verses. It makes 'em engaging, makes 'em fresh. However, I feel as if your first verse was pretty irrelevant to Spawn. I could be wrong, but I think the "Comic Book nerd" thing is the only thing related to him. I suppose it's to be expected when someone goes first, but I feel you could've made it much more personal, for sure. Your second verse was an improvement in that regard (you mentioned his power outage, how it was convenient. That he threw the N-word, talked about guns. And brought up his breathing issue). That's the kind of stuff I expect to hear in battles. Stay away from the generic 'you suck/I'll beat you down' and 'you like d---' lines, and keep it personal. That's my thought on that.

Probably because he had something to work with, Spawn was able to keep his first verse relevant. Saying Teq talks about d---, Milkdud would be an improvement, Spawn'd be more real than you if he went LARPing. I do wanna add, though, that you made it seem like Teq ignored Flex's lines in their battle awhile back. It was 32-32, blind, though, so Teq wouldn't be able to reply to it even if he wanted to. Not a big deal at all, but just thought I'd bring it up. Also didn't get the Big Pun bite (although I'm not the biggest Pun fan, so there's that). Still, good lines in both verses. Also, I think your flow in the first verse was fine. Not sure what people are finding wrong with it.

Yadda, yadda, yadda. My vote goes to Spawn.

HDC responds:

WS -3 Teq -2

Flow: Teq by far it was like spawn completely said screw trying which really hurt him cause ive pretty much thought up until this track he was on point with flowing just sounded like he was rushing through his verses
Punches: id say tie but teq consistently brought more maybe filerish but still close for that category
Mic Presence: both had great presence but teq was able to pull off the more impressive rhyme schemes while still maintaining a clarity although both seemed to slur at some point Teq just had it overall he was able to speed up his flow while maintaining excellent flow with the beat where as spawn was rushing through but had the more aggressive flow
Overall: it seemed to me Teq came why more prepared where as spwan just didnt bring his A game flow he was off beat consistently through out the beat and he seemed to be the one trying to retaliate more where as teq kept composed through the beat never losing the flow on the beat i think Teq is one of the most under rated battle rappers up here and people keep refereeing to his old stuff to get insight when thats a huge mistake thats old Teq and spawn battled new Teq and got his streak snapped
Winner: Teq

HDC responds:

WS -2 Teq -2

Teqneek: Awesome bouncy flow with intricate schemes. Content was precise and relevant. Some forced rhymes... "Bitch-man", meh. the emphysema/medina/fema/ flow was neat, but the "convenient" sounded kinda bleh...
Warspawn: Superb rebuttals, connected content throughout verses and nice wordplay. A few clarity issues, but the lines were catchable after another listen. The flip on breathing with inhaling helium was great.

close battle.
Teq, points for flow/energy and complexity of rhymes schemes= 2
Spawn, points for wordplay, rebuttals and efficient shots= 3

I gotta give this one to Warspawn by a squid cunt hair.

HDC responds:

WS -2 Teq -1

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Nov 8, 2012
3:58 PM EST
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3 min 5 sec
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