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This is an indie pop song I made with a friend Bossjohn Carpenter. Together we're called Sour John.

Bossjohn wrote and recorded the lyrics. I did all the rest.

Although I think it's a good song, and Bossjohn said it was the first song by us he felt others might like too, it was for some reason never finished. Bossjohn sent me only 2/3rd of the total lyrics. Halve of which had clicks in it. I tried to repair all as well as I could, but I could not use all of the lines. The song contains only 1/2 of the vocals it was supposed to have. I tried to make up for it by adding more instruments where backing vocals were lacking.

It is what it is. Maybe it been better, but it never will be, so just enjoy.

If you like it. You can listen to all other Sour John songs here:
http://www.youtube.com/pl aylist?list=PL73B3FEEDE92 6E472&feature=mh_lolz


I read what you said to these people below who don't like your mix. I had a similar discussion about this with a friend of mine. Songs nowadays are mixed way too clean. I don't like it when they come with a new "re-master" of a good old seventies song. I like the old classics. The mix is an important part of the sound. If you change that it's no longer the same song. Why do they have to ruin it? I like this song as it is. It's pure honest and human. You gave good arguments why you made it this way, so I know it's exactly the way you want it to sound. Don't let a bunch of people who don't get the song tell you what to do. Please don't change it.

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SourJovis responds:

Thanks. I just make music I want to make, and it's always very nice if other people like it. Some constructive criticism doesn't hurt though. It can help you reflect on what you do, sometimes make it better, and even more the way you want to. Because sometimes you make mistakes you don't even realize, and it's handy if other people point it out. Like I said I won't change this version of the song. I won't change or remove it. But I feel it could be interesting to play around with it though and make an alternate version (remake). Actually I've been wanting to do that for some time, but I've never had a good reason to.

I found the mix to be quite muddy, especially with mid frequencies.
The vocals were out of tune and didn't particularly suit the music, also some of the instruments were not mixed in very well and could be quite dominating in the mix.

Putting aside that I really like the composition and the tone of the piece. Its got a really nice vibe to it this song.
But again there are quite a few issues with this, with re-recorded vocals and a better mix this could be a really cool song.

3/5 for me but no denying this is a very strong composition with some awesome ideas in it.

SourJovis responds:

Thank you for your feedback. This is not a polished song. I couldn't finish it because I never received all of the vocal tracks. It's mixed a long time ago when I knew less about how to do it, etc, etc. But I like it because of its flaws. This is just how it turned out. This is how I know it. Everything has a cause and a reason why it is the way it is. So to me this is how it is supposed to be. I won't make another mix of this song. I do get what you mean though, and why you don't appreciate the quirkiness as much as I do. I like the melody and the chords too. It would be interesting to start over and make a cleaner version of the song. Now I have more experience, and where less things go wrong with the production (I hope). I will make it significantly different though, so it won't spoil the original for me. No vocals. Different build up probably. Sometimes different instruments. I'll see about that. Could be fun.

I don't know how could this be great. The music is very messy and maybe too much reverb. Somehow it sounds like it has disharmonic background. But maybe it's because of too much reverb and long release of some instruments?

SourJovis responds:

It always remains a matter of opinion really. Some people like a clean mix. I personally find that boring and out of place in this case. It's about someone who experiences a free fall by jumping out of a plain, so I made a synthesizer pad that simulates the sound of jet engines or air flow and caries through the entire song. The chords are based on that pad sequence and it's a relatively repetitive and some chords are even dissonant, yet it's original and to me it sounds really beautiful and puts me in a trance. Well, I can't explain. Either you feel it or you don't.

so did he died?

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SourJovis responds:


Pretty freakin' good imo. Well done.

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SourJovis responds:


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