Escape From Nascent Ruins

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From the Broken Earth project, my second mock RPG soundtrack. Please leave your comments, I love to read them!


"We've made it this far, and it's too late to turn back now."


It was so mysterious, intriguing. The gargantuan metal trapdoor your party uncovered months ago. Made from some sort of alien metal you've never seen; shimmering with the luster of glass, but stronger than the hardest diamonds. There was nothing anyone could do to open it. That is, until a few days ago.

Your Goblin ally accidentally uncovered a rune system input device nearby, and through critical thinking and trial and error, discovered a password that caused the trapdoor to glimmer faintly, turning ever so slightly transparent. Upon inspection, it seemed matter could pass through for a short while, allowing you access to the marble and metal spiraling staircase down. Unfortunately once your allies and yourself passed through, the doors regained it's opacity, and you found you were trapped.

The staircase led down into a sort of metallic labyrinth. It's walls literally shimmered like the stars, containing flashing images of galactic star maps and faraway solar systems.

A quick cone of red light scans your party, and seems to have analyzed you all as carbon based beings, whatever that means.

The majesty of this place soon turned into dread and danger, as it only took one misplaced step to set off the security system of an advanced ancient technology.


The robotic beings of this place are unlike any you've seen, and fiercer and more deadly than any beast you've ever fought. They shoot fire, pierce armor with lightning, and are more resilient than even the most stout orcs' fortitude. It takes significantly more effort for your party to destroy one of these hulking monstrosities than anything you've ever experienced.

There was no escape, as the trapdoor was closed and locked from the outside. The strange crystalline metals seem to dampen your magical abilities, so warping out is not an option. The only way forward is through a legion of security robotic beings that feel no sympathy; who's only purpose is PROTECT. DISASSEMBLE. VAPORIZE.

Something else that's unnerving, there's some sort of countdown that appears upon every ceiling. That red cone that scanned you? It's finished it's complete analysis, and it seems you only have an hour to escape before the ventilation system of this labyrinth removes the oxygen from this place and kills you all.

The only way to escape this place would be to make it to the center of this maze and deactivate the security system, and make your escape through your prize should you survive--an airship of ancient ruins which awaits a new pilot.

(I hope you saved.)


how do you guys make all these video game type Leads/bass/music?
what program are you using?

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JRKnight responds:

I use fruity loops, and it comes with some preset samples that you can tweak to fit what you need. there's some really good square and leads in there. :)

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