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RW - Garden of Seborhin

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It's been a while, but I finally managed to finish a brand new track!
It was a surprise for my girlfriend :D

I wanted to pull off some ambient/liquid drum and bass, and I'm glad with the end result, I gotta admit! It's heavily inspired by Moleman's Breeze EP;
http://soundcloud.com/mol ema

I really hope you guys enjoy it! :D

- Note: the Garden of Seborhin is an area in the game Guild Wars, there's no secret meaning behind the song title :P


everything/body is going about love and happyness if you listen to dnb? WOOOW :DD

Indigorain responds:

Not necessarily, but I prefer melodic uplifting DnB over the darker type :D

Yay. Sorry i'm late but..... WOW. Amazing. Umm..... Yeah. Where's that collab with orange? ;D

Indigorain responds:

Haha, if it were to happen, it would take quite some time, and I'm awefully busy :P
And thanks a lot for the review, as always!

This is quite interesting. overall production quality is pretty good. levels are nice, melodies are great. Nice arps too.
Drum and Bass music is my forte, so I might be being overly critical on certain aspects. Please feel free to contact me for a more detailed explanation of any concepts that you may not understand, or any of my descriptions that aren't clear enough.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, the overall production quality is quite good. I'm finding it a bit flat though. It doesn't sound like you use much in the way of compression or limiting? These are STAPLE devices in a drum and bass track. Usually I sidechain the kick track to the percussive elements, in varying degrees....the overall amount that i use compression in a track depends on the style of DnB i'm producing. eg. Liquid, i'd be using a light-ish overall track compression, plus the aforementioned Sidechained compressors.
If i were producing some neurofunk, i'd be using much heavier overall compression, and more "ducking" on the percussion.
Try just lowering the threshold on your master limiter to start with...you should get a noticeably better "sound" overall from that minor adjustment.

next, I was missing a sub. I couldn't hear a nice driving sub-bass holding it all together. again, that should be an easy change for you to make too. A simple sine, with a longish decay/sustain will do.

The eq on the kick (if you are using one) should be adjusted so that the kick has a touch more punch, at slightly lower frequencies (around 75-100hz..this is dependant on the sample you are using too)

Same for the snare. Give it a bit of a peak around 170-210 hz. adjust to taste.

Please check out my stuff, in case you don't feel me to be qualified to pass judgment on your music!
I hope I have been of assistance. Any questions, just inbox me, i'll reply pretty promptly

Keep it up, bro...you have some nice tunes..that with some minor tweaks, could be fucking awesome tunes! Would love to collab some time. Peace!

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Indigorain responds:

Haha, of course I feel you to be qualified for this kind of judgement, I was really missing some good criticism like this, it's extremely helpful!
You're absolutely right on the compression, I do use limiters, and some simple forms of compression, but the main reason I don't really compress that much is because I suck at it.
About the sub, I actually did that intentionally, I wanted to make a really light track with not much subbass. Next time I get to a project like this, I'll be sure to give it a firm sub!
And thanks for the EQ tips of course, I'll boost that up next time, now you mention it, the kick could indeed use a bit more punch.
And I'll send you an inbox with some questions, if you wouldn't mind, I'd love to learn more! :D
And thanks a lot, of course, this has been extremely helpful! :D

You've done it again, bro. i love this song it's really my style you always know how to please me with your music mate, it's amazing, so i hope you continue making music like this, because its fantastic,

Much love from I and my GF

Indigorain responds:

Hey thanks for the kind words, man, I really appreciate it! And thanks to your girlfriend as well, of course :D

Hi I'm a new composer who loves your music! I would love if you would review some of mine at some point (I have yet to post anything but I'm close to releasing my first thing). I think my favorite part of this piece is the melody thing at 0:45 where you cycle between the minor 7th and the 5th and finally 5th and the 4th on the offbeats.

Indigorain responds:

Hey, thanks for the kind review man! Let me know when you got something posted, and I'll give you a review! :D

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Oct 30, 2012
5:22 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
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