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~SW~ Last of the Lilmothiit

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Author Comments

Well, this WAS going to be for a Skyrim mod, but that kinda never happened, so I was given permission to put out the full song. Whatever. Anyway, about the actual song.

The people who have a taste in music like mine, or who listen to the type of music I make more often may recognize the main 'inspiration' where ideas from this were drawn from. Obviously there's still a difference but yeah. ThankyewBuoy.

Okay. So. Yeah. I don't have much else to say other than...


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This song is relaxing, inspiring and overall well done. I keep listening to it almost every day, placing it on repeat whilst going about my daily business.
It is a shame the mod didn't make it, because this song would go nicely with it. And keep me captivated throughout the gameplay.

SkyeWint responds:

Good morning to you! (or good afternoon, night, evening, whatever...)

The main goal in this song was to create a hugely immersive atmosphere which could sit comfortably in the background but also keep interest for more focused listeners... I'm glad you think it would have fit! Really is a shame that the mod didn't make it. :(

Very atmospheric and inspiring. While it would feel more than a little out of place in Skyrim, as there is a little too much happening in the song, so to speak, this does very little to diminish it's brilliance, especially standing alone like it now appears to be doomed to stay.

It's quite the pity that the mod wasn't finished, as I am all for anything Lilmothiit. There is just too much potential in the race for me to handle it just being dropped like it has...

If you don't mind, I'm going to have this song playing in the background every now and then as I work on a fanfiction I've been writing that puts the Limothiit race in focus. The atmosphere of the song actually has a lot in common with the story I'm building up, what with the oceanic feel to it. I get the feeling that you've done your research on the Vulpine race that is the Lilmothiit. It makes me happy.

SkyeWint responds:

Hey there!

Glad you like it. I guess I could see how there's a bit too much happening in the song... I prefer to make it so that songs can stand alone as listenable AND work as background music. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to achieve both.

I'm sad about the mod not being finished either. :(

I don't mind if you have it playing at all! It's music, it should be listened to if it's liked. Who knows, maybe it'll help inspire you more. I certainly hope it's the case, I'd be glad to know I helped. If you ever finish that fan fiction, I might want to read it at some point.

I really dig this. The variety of instruments you used makes for a creative, unique, and excellent piece.
My favorite was the xylophone (Chimes?) near 2:05, as they gave an interesting perspective to the song and made it seem almost like a Synth filled Caribbean song. This assortment of instruments I believe is also why it did not pair well with Skyrim.

Being an avid TES fan, this seems very out of place for Skyrim. This piece brings to mind visions of an ocean in space, not a medieval world where magic runs amok.

My Prescription: Keep experimenting with the different instruments, it certainly makes cool pieces such as this one! However if you're trying to achieve the Skyrim affect, I would suggest using instruments such as the Lute, Mandolin, perhaps strings and an Organ if you feel like adding an eerie atmosphere to the piece or Gothical tone. (Hopefully this all makes sense, I'm no aficionado in rating.)

Although this may not get put into a Skyrim mod, I can hope it will be put into a NG game!

The Doctor

SkyeWint responds:

Hello there!

Thanks for the in-depth review, it's quite helpful! :) So, point-by-point response.

"The variety of instruments you used makes for a creative, unique, and excellent piece."
I always try to make a creative, unique, and well-done piece - what else could be the best? I'm glad you think it's like that though, means I've succeeded! :D

"This assortment of instruments I believe is also why it did not pair well with Skyrim. This piece brings to mind visions of an ocean in space, not a medieval world where magic runs amok."
Aaaaah, okay. Thing is - this was meant for a large and cavernous city, hence the big deep pads and rumbling.

Sadly, I don't have a lute or mandolin. :< Otherwise I'd have loved to use them. I doubt this will end up being part of a Skyrim mod, seeing as the project it was going to be in fell through.

Thanks again for the in-depth review! This piece was actually made around the beginning of the year. :) I'm pretty sure I've improved since then, and I ALWAYS try to use different-sounding instruments and arrangements. ;) I'd love it if you could check out some of my other works, maybe toss a comment or two at them, since from what I can tell, you at least know SOMETHING about music.

See you around!

The music is great! I never heard of Skyrim, but the music is awesome! :)

SkyeWint responds:

Whoah you've never heard of Skyrim? It's like, super-famous, the game where the "arrow to the knee" joke came from. Kinda exploded a bit ago.

Still though, thank you! :D This was a pretty fun song to make.

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4.94 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2012
7:53 PM EDT
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3 min 54 sec

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