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Majora's Mask Swamp Theme

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This is a reorchestrated version of the swamp theme from Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, in honor of its twelfth birthday today! Hope you like it.

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Lol, bro! You made this song sound like if Majora's Mask and FF7 (specifically the games, not the composers of the music) ripped each other off! Imagine Link with a buster sword and spiked up hair, hah!

I enjoy the composition for what it is. It's definitely fresh and while not exactly 'original' (deerrp) I think it pulls off an odd and kind of original quality. For one thing, there isn't a hint of evil in it unlike the original. More of a sadness (AERITH DIIIIIIIED).

I don't really feel the 'swamp' bit. Then again, you wouldn't call it, "That Overarching Majora's Mask Theme That Plays In Each Realm Initially, Until You Beat The Boss In That Area's Temple," so the name works.

Your mixing sounds great, but I think the panoramic sound is leaning a little to the left even when the music swells. I think I might be having issues with my right ear right now, though... I can't be sure.

I like this and I don't want to be a twat, but I feel like it needs to be longer. I can accept it as a sort of short theme for a scene, but Aerith can only die so many times (I gotta stop saying that). I feel like this really has the potential to be a longer song, maybe even a medley (I know how overdone that is, but still).

Anyway, fantastic piece, want it to be longer and that's it.

headphoamz responds:

Thanks man, glad you like it! :)

Damm! You just nailed this one! Even tho it does not sound like a dirty (purple, monkey infested) poiosnes swamp, rather than the faron woods, or the lost woods. But then again, the melody goes again in all of the four worlds. Its clearly your musical skills is highly advanced. Are you educated in producing music?

How you use your sound library is awesome. Those chords combined with the sound library works really well. Keep up enjoying making music! And I would like to hear more Zelda music from you young lady!


headphoamz responds:

Ah Warhector, I try to stay away from poisonous swamps, you know? They're just not good for ya. Thanks for the note about the chords - this one was very fun to try and rewrite just because of its weird-ass chord progression. Cheers :)

I noticed like the fellow reviewer below me that you unfortunately went by unnoticed. Came by to pop in a review for you!

I haven't played Majora's Mask either but I have heard the original before, and I must say holy cow! This is magnificent. I find your take on it rather interesting. I mean, the original starts all dark and dissonant, and has very harsh and odd-sounding synths and instruments playing. Yours on the other hand has taken the melody apart and completely shifted tone on a lighter, calmer version. Kinda surprised me!

I can't really criticize much on the composition side of things as well, this is video game music. However I must say that your version of it truly shines.

One thing that I'd love to see though is a longer, extended and polished song starting from this. I mean, you've got the original copied and remade. Now, try bringing in your own melodies and giving it that extra flavor that will really set it apart from others!

Looking forward to it!
Awesome stuff!

headphoamz responds:

Hey lemon, you are awesome! Thanks so much for reviewing this. I'd love to try sometime to add more to it, that's a good idea. ^_^

Hey! Your request got skipped in the Review for Review thread so I thought I'd come save the day. You're probably tired of my reviews by now but YOU THOUGHT YOU'D GET RID OF ME THAT EASILY HUH?

This is obviously excellent stuff. I've never played Majora's Mask, which I'm disappointed about because everyone tells me it's an amazing game. The only Zelda game I've ever played was Twilight Princess which I loved, and I think I'll be getting Wind Waker: HD (upon the recommendation of like 5 people), which I'm also excited about.

But I digress. I went and heard the original and your take on it is just so impressively different. Hearing it with high-quality orchestration is already a big difference, but putting that aside, the original sounds like classic, ominous Zelda music, and this sounds a lot more beautiful and vivid.

Not dissing the original, but I always love hearing totally new and unique renditions of original video game themes, because it brings them in a new light and allows me to re-imagine what the place would've looked like if it reflected this music. For example, in the original I see a cursed, murky swamp, but in this I see a mystical, beautiful forest.

In terms of actual composition, I really can't fault you. My god, the chord change at 0:39 is freaking PERFECT. I also love how the 0:54 clarinet 'answers' the melody before it. The flow in general is just masterfully smooth and with excellent dynamics, transitions, and introductions of new instruments.

Speaking of the instruments, great sound and production as usual. I love how vibrant the strings sound, and the woodwinds sound excellent and blend in perfectly. You fill up your mix suitably, and it never sounds empty, even in the quieter sections.

Issues? It's too short, but that's an obvious one. Not that had you had much material to work on since the original isn't very long either. Its length is hardly an issue in any case, because I didn't think for a second that it was undeveloped or lacking in content. Ending could've been subtler and not as abrupt (but I love the chord you end on). Lastly, a more audible buildup/rise in intensity on 1:15's note would've made the pause that followed right after it have a better effect.

Those are just the nittiest of picks though. Excellent, excellent reorchestration, or should I say, reimagining, of an already-impressive theme. Keep it up.


headphoamz responds:

Oh wow Step! Thanks for reviewing even when you didn't have to do so. I'm really happy you enjoyed it, Majora's Mask is my favorite Zelda game ever and I wanted to pay an orchestral tribute, as I loved its soundtrack. Definitely get Wind Waker HD, I personally can't wait until it comes out! ^_^

Majora's Mask was one of my favorite Zelda games, I remember this theme in the swamp it was so eerie and scary xD I think it was also played near the snowhead temple? love what you did to it, great arrangement! :)

headphoamz responds:

thanks so very much Mattashi! <3

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