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Good luck to my competitor Waterflame! Congratulations to everybody involved, there's nothing like sharing a whole bunch of new great music within a short amount of time, and receiving incredible feedback from all the kind, helpful, and honest judges. NGADM totally gave me a chance to improve on everything I wanted to work on. I was never able to scrape up the motivation until now, and learning all these new things motivates me to write more after this anyway.

And another thing: THANK YOU CAMOSHARK. For helping me out here and on Fly me to Blue earlier. Here, he provided the trumpet and sax player for this song, and was a big help during the finishing touches. Please, listen to his genius music, he's out of this world:

http://camoshark.newgroun ds.com/

Thanks everyone! Hope you like the track! c:


Way too wicked and wild
The second from the sun is the closest thing to hell,
You will suffocate! You'll suffocate!

Far, far from feeling the flame
But close enough to melt on the second from the sun
We will lose our minds! We will wisp away!

At least the shame is gone

To violate our precious preservation
Pack us in a shuttle and send us toward the sun,
But not all the way!
There's a quicker way..

Does anybody even deserve to live?
Second from the sun answers with her deadly pressure
Crushing all aboard
Crushing all of man

Breathe all the oxygen you can and
Enjoy another sun tan before we bite the dust
If I'm literal..

Luckily the love you loathe'll leave
Searing in the clouds, you'll just fry all your emotions
And cease to exist!

War went so sour
Bombs burnt the land
We failed our sons, we were so wrong
Relied on god to save us

Fly toward the sun
Leave this wasted land
Fire will take you anyway
Venus take us

At least our death is quick to come out here

God gives you the confidence to die
Otherwise you'd be the loser who loves the life he has
Is that so backwards?
Does it matter now? Ooo!

Sound, sound asleep in seconds flat,
We will die a hasty death thanks to all of those who tried
To save their soul!

Way too wicked are we
We're parasites
Exploring, devouring..

My heart begs Venus
To reach out and
Take us


Final round, Kor-Rune! Good luck here! Hope this doesn't sound too nitpicky.

The Good:
-That's some cool vocal work.
-I like the rotary/electric organ.
-Some really cool slide effects.
-I really enjoyed the part at 3:00-3:37 or so.
-You have some VERY cool arpeggios.
-Also really enjoy the part at around 4:30-4:45, mainly because it calms down. Same can be said about the area at around 5:00-end.

The Not-So-Good:
-What happened to your great intros? D: I'm a bit disappointed by the one here.
-The time signature is... something like 6/8? It's obscenely hard to follow throughout most of it, which keeps me on edge and distracts me from the musicality of it.
-At about 2 minutes in, there's a crazy solo thing which just goes on and on (or feels like it, at least).
-Two and a half minutes in, and there really really needs to be a break from the crazy-weird time signature, along with the kick pummeling me constantly. Calm down a little bit, please! :(
-If you're going to have a really calm section, please do it more in the middle when the main theme is crazy for most of it - give it more of an ABA format rather than AAB.

Overall: Hoooooly crap, Kor-Rune, lighten up on the awkwardly-placed transitions and wacky-feel time signatures. :( Also, I'm covered in bruises now because of that kick. I'm sorry, but this was pretty disappointing after the other rounds. I'm going to have to give this a 8/10.

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Kor-Rune responds:

Thanks for the review! I realize I write too unconventional but who wants to be normal? ;3 I realize the meter changes are odd, I have way too much fun with that, sorry XD

If you were bruised by the kick, surprised by the signatures, I did my job! I'm not sure I was exactly shooting for a calm, single meter track here, until the end, of course. I'll calm down when I write a calm song, I promise. XD Sorry for all that bass drum, but I'm kind of doing some metal here dude, it would be wrong to skimp on the kicks.

I agree about the transitions, especially in the middle, I did it again and I was pretty aware, even while I was recording. so oops lol, I suck. I'll work on getting the bigger picture some more!

Sorry if I screamed in your ear for the intro LOL. I was trying to be unique and not create 40 second intro fluff, but I guess it is better to be predictable.

Thanks again for all of your reviews and constructive crits! Without them I probably wouldn't have made it this far in NGADM <:

Fantastic. I wish I could say more.

Dude, you guys just seriously blew my fucking mind... get dressed, and get out...cuz you just mind fucked me in the most passionate way possible without being gay....

*cradles into the fetal position, and softly weeps*



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Damn dude, this is such pro level producing! I'm particularly mesmerised by the jazzy brass sections... the transitions I could not expect where executed perfectly! There's so much change which I also didn't expect from a track like this. I was worried repetition could be an issue but there's so many different segments that come in and change the theme completely while still retaining the same mood.. it's awesome! Also That guitar solo <3 I envy that skill so much!

I don't know what to say anymore, you did an awesome job and you both deserve this spot in the final. well done!

Kor-Rune responds:

Thanks man! I'm glad you enjoyed my track. I'm loving having camoshark on the brass. He really does add so much needed texture. I'm glad you like my guitar wanking! I just sort of make sure the audience doesn't need to hear my loudmouth too much. XD

Thanks again for the awesome review c:

This is totally amazing! you should be out there on the radio, making millions by now.
i cant seem to find one single flaw with this track, its really interesting, well produced, variated and original.

Good luck in the finals! you bastard. >:C

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Kor-Rune responds:

You're the bastard!

Naw this stuff is too off the wall to ever be radio'd. I wish. :C

Thank you for the review, and good luck!

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Oct 21, 2012
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