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I hope you enjoy and I appreciate your feedback!

For this track I wanted something that was still kind of atmospheric like some of my other recent tracks, but a little quicker and with more behind it. The intro's quite long too.

There might be a little distortion in some of the sweeps, it's hard for me to tell since my right channel is starting to die. I'll fix everything for the final mix.
The final track to be finished for my Blueprints EP. (! :D )

1. Design
2. Flaw
3. Repair
4. Invention

As a result of my less than stellar headphones starting to crap out, I'm going to have to postpone the final mastering of these four tracks until I get some new cans. Until then I'll be reading up on mixing/mastering.

------ Backstory follows------

After months of inactivity I've finally thrown something together. I was really busy with work all summer and now I'm busy with school, but I was getting impatient so I sat my self down and said "I'm finally going to make something again!"

Fast forward another month and a bit and you have this. It doesn't usually take me this long, and I got tired of working on this track before I considered it done. So I don't believe that this is some of my best work, but it's something regardless so now hopefully I can get back in to the swing of things.


Very Tasty :D

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Loving that intro.

The airy pad you have there is very nice, and those chords following it sound great. I can hear some similarities (it might be the piano you're using) to Design, and the snare sounds the same too - it creates a nice sense of continuity.
The saw lead you're using works nicely, though i feel like it's a bit too detuned to work perfectly with rest of the song. It certainly doesn't sound bad, though.

I'm at the first chorus now, and it sounds good. I really wish the snare was a bit more powerful, but that's really all I can complain about. The pads work very nicely here, and I'm still loving that piano (could be a bit louder, but I don't know really; I'm just nitpicking.)

Not much happens after that chorus, aside from a breakdown and some slight variation on the piano notes; which works. This piece feels very much like some of your previous stuff, in that the percussion makes it feel fast and yet the melodies give a sense of something slow moving and peaceful. I'm enjoying this one.

The outro is beautiful, I wish it went on a little longer. Those soft notes are really nice.

I like it.


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Alloud responds:

Awesome review, thanks.

The piano is a staple across the 4 tracks in Blueprints, it's part of the sound I wanted along with floaty pads and strings. It takes on more of a lead role in this and Design though. Also yeah, the snare sample is the same. xD

I'm embarassed about this, but as I mentioned in the description, I lost interest in this track before it was done. Everything (save for the outro) past 3:18 I don't really like. When I go to remaster I'll see if I can realize my original ideas for the second chorus.

I'm glad you liked the little outro. I'm currently starting a little game project and if I get to putting together a soundtrack for it some of the tracks will have that same soft, pretty, ambient sound. ;3

Thanks again for the in-depth review! I'm happy you liked it, despite its flaws (ha).
I'll try and return the favour someday if I find the time.

Loved it.

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Alloud responds:

Glad you liked it, thanks for the comment! :]


Alloud responds:

*Respek knuckles* d:
Thanks for the comment and I'm happy you liked it!

Im starting to love your work. I love how this song is slow in parts and picks up in others. this is exactly what im looking for, for some of my vids.
I will contact you if I use it.

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Alloud responds:

lol, cool. Thanks for listening!

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