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Deadly For Real

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First thing's first; I am so, so sorry for the terrible mixing in this song. I was in the current state of mind of not giving a fuck and just wanting to finish the damn song. I literally spent 5 minutes mixing this son of a bitch, so if it hurts your ears, I am truly sorry (but at the same time don't give a flying fuck). Also, the beat was really a prick to mix to, my voice was not working for me tonight (that's why I sound weird...) excuses excuses rabble rabble.

Listen to it, love it, hate it, I DON'T FUCKIN' CARE BRO.

Beat is by the very talented AllRoundaProductions. Check him out on Shadowville.


This was not made to make money blah blah, you get the picture.

Lyrics, mixing and vocals are all mine. Poop.



**I'm about to start some**
Business on these bitches, you rappers are a damn joke
claimin' you spit fire, it's actually second-hand smoke
I rap with so much force that practically my hand broke
I can't lose, I am truth, and that would mean I can't choke
Rap is dead, you whack fakers ass-raped it
fag, save it, you asked Satan for cash makin'
spittin' some fat statements and braggin' how you stack paper
when really the back breaker is you lack flavour
claimin' you're rap's greatest, are you that wasted?
I've come to resurrect this bitch, I'm rap's saviour
How the fuck did Nicki Minaj get that famous
it's sad ain't it? Made it with tits and a fuckin' ass shakin'
I'm a tad angered, cus it's in my damn nature
I'm sick of all this bullshit, I can't take it
now it seems to me like I've amassed haters
so do me a mad favour and kiss my fat anus

I spit dirty like fat n***a dip slurping
I'm the best out, hands down, they call me 6:30
you rappers are scared, you sound a bit nervy
When I step on the mic, you shakin' round like Nick Thurston
I'll bitch-slap a rapper if swagger's in his vernacular
access your vocabular, or I'll stab you in your macular
Bitch, I spit accurate, I spit it so immaculate
Don't you dare preach unless you motherfuckin' practice it
you're a classic example of an average man who
just passively stands still while I'm hatchin' a plan
to get my magical pen and amass masses of fans
to begin clappin' their hands and sing my rap in a jam
I got wisdom in my lungs, my brain is full of butane
the system is corrupt, unjust and inhumane
the government is just as fucked up as Hussain
I'll uppercut and bust up you're gonna need a new face

I'm the apocolyptic prophet and I'm droppin' it fresh
Insane playin' 6 in the chamber games of Russian Roulette
a little fucked in the head and I got the nastiest flow
so you faggots need to show a little fuckin' respect
the last of a dying breed, rap is that which I conceive
I am what you whack rappers all aspire to be
but what I achieve is off the guage, you cannot contain
my thoughts of rage aimed at all you Waka-Flocka Flames
I'm off the chain, we got kids over dosing on cocaine
that you're promoting but you say that you are not to blame
this is not a game, I will grab the mic and stab you with it
and the drugs you take are not gonna stop the pain
I don't need brawn, bitch, I'm all about brain
AutoTune is overused, shit, you all sound the same
OMG, shut up, I love Nicki, she's got talent
Fuck you, fuck Pop and that fuckin' piece of plastic


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Hell yeah~

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Oct 11, 2012
5:45 AM EDT
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