A Grand Adventure

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A short song made with the intention of being used in a game of some kind. Perhaps would fit as a theme for a bustling cityscape or the beginning of game...maybe even a world map or who knows what else?

I don't think I'm finished with this song yet, there are some things I would like to add and fix up. I would highly recommend listening with headphones so you can properly hear all of the instruments. Hope you like the song! :)



Not sure what's up with THAT doucher down yonder though!

I think this has a heck of a lot of potential. It is already very solid as is, I simply take issue wit ha small number of minor things. I feel the singing vox could have been mastered a bit differently, to provide the track with a more full sound... tickling the edges of the L/R channels with delay, for example. Keep in mind, this could simply be a preference thing, as The Chemical Brothers do a great deal and tremendous work with a minimally mastered sound, quite often.

Other than that, I feel that the beat was a little staccato, and did not quite match up with the "busy" feel that the track took on. Again, it could be just taste, but I feel that a number of other subtle percussion elements would do a great to making the track feel more "wholesome" and professionally done. As someone else mentioned, the percussion you are using sounded a bit dry, but going back to my Chemical Bro's example, it doesn't sound bad necessarily! The vox are the main thing that could use some moisture, in my opinion :)

Now that I'm finishing being an ass, I commend the great melodic and harmonic work, and I liked the underlying string "bed," if you will, very good. I thought the use of basses and kicks were very balanced and well done; orchestral stuff isn't meant to shake walls. I didn't mind the instrument quality at all.

My biggest thing are those vocals... they would sound strong if you just opened them up!! You know, some gentle reverb and stereo-seperated decay... I'll be looking out for the second edition! Based on the feel and sound you were going for, I think this track is very strong! Very Age of Empires - background-music-esque... or title menu theme... or credit roll music. Along those lines. Really liked it!

Let this all be taken with a grain of salt, as I do consider your melodic and composition skills much superior to mine own. That being said, perhaps you'd take the time to similarly critique my track "Core Collapse?" :)

Thanks mate, and great work!

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Neon-Bard responds:

Hey H2o,

First off, I have to say...this is a fantastic review! I really appreciate it! Also, thanks for sticking up for the song! :)

"I think this has a heck of a lot of potential."
That definitely made me feel like I accomplished something because knowing that something has potential is a special thing indeed! :)

When you mentioned the vocals several times I couldn't help but agree. They seem too...I don't know...it's hard to describe. Continuing on, you were not being an "ass" at all. I had to laugh when you said that! If anything you've provided me with invaluable feedback that is crucial to me growing as an artist/composer. I'm going to take everything you said and think about it for the next song I make, which will undoubtedly help me improve. In particular, I'll try and aim for that 'wholesome' feel that you talked about.

I should mention that I haven't even heard of the 'Chemical Brothers' so I'm thinking it's time to check that out ASAP....but in the meantime I'll head over to your song and have a listen! :D

Again, I really appreciate this, it means a lot!

I thought the orchestra sounded pretty realistic (as far as fake orchestras go). Good, intimate strings VST are really expensive anyway. I thought the bongos/congas were too dry, I would raise the highs on the wet, to make it sound like they're in the back (in the percussion section, which is where they are anyway). Nice countermelodies, melodies and arrangement. Overall I think the eq'ing on the reverb is what needs the most work, but I think the composition is great.

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Neon-Bard responds:

Thanks for the advice Kintobor! I'll try to make sure that the percussion is wet, because it definitely sounds rather dry. I'm glad you liked the melodies that I arranged. In fact, I was a little afraid that they were overkill. As I said though, I'll go back and look at the percussion and hopefully I can make it better! Thanks again! :D

I like it! The economic/jungle feel is great! One of the only things holding this song back is the instruments sound quality. The violins could definitely sound more realistic. They just sound too midi if you know what I mean. Also with the voices that come in later. Try adding some reverb affect or even some echo to make them sound a little more reaslistic! And overall make your song sound much better.
This doesn't really bother me, but I think people might get annoyed by this. But for the first part of the song, you repeat that melody all the way up to 0:44 seconds in the song. Again not a big deal to me, but people might be a little annoying.
In terms of mixing your sounds, I think you did a pretty good job. It sounds very full at times when it should. And when its not, it never sounds dry. And I'm not sure if it's just my headphones, but to me, the bass is really difficult to hear. Maybe if you could turn that up it would be nice.
The more I listen to this sound, the more instruments I notice in the background that add to the song. It's good that you use as many instruments as possible because it really adds to your final mix and keeps people more interested as a result. At least that is my theory on it :P

So overall, great song. Not so great instrument sound quality, but that really isn't your fault, but to fix it, some effects might help it. Great mixing, and I forgot to mention this, but I think I heard some panning which is great. Not many people including myself don't use that.

Also if you could check out my original song "Stranded" and give me feedback, that'd be great!

4/5 rating. Nice work!

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Neon-Bard responds:

Hey Stunkel,

First, thanks for listening! :D Second, thanks for giving me some great feedback. I don't like to make excuses but unfortunately, I have no other choice in this case. The violins I use are, as you say, not of the 'highest quality', but that's all I can afford at this moment (being a student sucks...ya know? lol) Hopefully in the future I will be able to get EWQL or something of that nature.

As for the voices, I think I will go and add some instant reverb to those, thanks for picking up on that! That and a few other changes will make a difference in the long run. I appreciate it! :)

I'm going to head over to your song now and give it a listen!

Thanks again,

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