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Irish Coffee

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A cloudy rainy morning, with a freshly brewed cup of black coffee with some Irish vanilla cream. Beautiful, yet not the in the way of just a drink, but fits a moment like a piece to a puzzle. This song was made for that moment.

I literally made it in an hour, just for fun.

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To stunkel: here you go - use this and play the song ;)

Alright here is my review of the song!

The intro with the rain is interesting. I really like the idea of using sound effects in music. Which I have yet to do. However, I know you might be limited by your resources to have good sound effects, but the rain just sounds like static after a while. But I just used my imagination that it was rain and it got me by the song. The guitar is great, just a really nice melody, and it really goes nice with the rain noise in the background. The combination of all of the instruments you used with the rain really creates an awesome atmosphere that I don't really don't here that often in song.

This may be my opinion only, but I personally was not a fan of the double time in the drums at 1:17. It was all just a little too sudden for me. I think it sort of just took away from the atmosphere of the song. But once I got past the transition, it sounded fine. And then going back to the normal drumbeat on the high hat was a really nice touch! A really soothing idea. I think if you were able to get into that double time with a better transition, it would be much better.

The song actually sounds like it could be a score for a sad part in a movie or TV show. Like a montage of a guy getting over his girlfriend or something sad like that. It fits that genre very well in my opinion.

The sound quality is really good! Outstanding really. For the atmosphere of the song, it worked really really well. Everything is properly mixed and it all sounds really clean. You seemed to add the right amount of effects on all of the instruments and you really took your time to make sure all of the instruments were evened out.

Overall, it was a really good song. The song does get a bit repetitive at times, but you change enough of the background, and to be honest, the fact that it is a little repetitive doesn't really bother me at all. The songs structure is really clever and it holds itself up very well. I think you got yourself a good piece here. Especially just for writing it in an hour. I think you should take a little bit more time on songs like this, you could really make it into something awesome

Also, it'd be awesome if you could check out my original song "The Return" and give a review

4/5 review and rating! Nice work

LimeDisciple responds:

Christ this is a long interview, probably why it took me a year and a half to reply. Thanks dude, the guitar was recorded in one take on some chords I was messing with a couple years back. The whole song took on average 45 minutes from start to finish. Yeah the drums needed to be calmed down at those parts, I was definitely not that good at atmosphere/mixing at the time.
For some reason I always write soundtrack shit, no idea why. The repetitiveness of my songs is something I've just gotten from all the fucking prog stuff I've listened to man.

I'm going to check out your song and write you a review, thanks for all the time and effort dude. From one songwriter to another, you are the man.

Rock and roll

Very nice to listen to, but I have a few points of (hopefully constructive) criticism

First things first, in my opinion lose the rain backing completely. It's nice and it has a cool effect, but having it there just completely limits how the piece can be used. Plus, you want people to like the piece for what it is without necessarily having to make it seem more ambient. Besides, most people here know about rainymood to be able to add the sound in themselves if they'd like.

So onto the piece itself. Brilliant chord structure, nice instrumentation, nice atmosphere and layering. I think the two areas where it was let down a bit however was the form and the melody.

I always feel a bit harsh saying this, but when a piece gets submitted as a jazz or pop song I always try to judge the piece relative to a proper song, as opposed to merely as background music, which I think is what you've mainly achieved.

Most songs fit a general format of "Intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus"
This piece has a form more like "Intro, chorus, chorus, chorus, chorus, chorus," with each successive chorus being slightly more thickly layered.

What this means, is for the listener the piece gets a bit repetitive. What you've done at 1:42 is the right sort of idea; it creates interest and makes the listener want to keep listening. I think though that you could probably bring this out a bit more and extend it - change the time signature or key or whatever completely if you have to.

The other thing is the melody. The melody is what you can essentially sing along to (regardless of whether it's a vocal part or not). Really, if you tried singing along to this, you couldn't, because well, there isn't a melody. It's completely up to you whether you want to go and actually include a singable melody line, but for this to become a proper song and more than just background music, it's somewhat crucial.

It's not really easy going back and completely changing up so much of the song, but if you can write this in an hour, surely you're capable of extending this into a proper, catchy song. I would like to see this worked on some more though, theres a lot of potential but it's just not QUITE there yet from a musical standpoint.

LimeDisciple responds:

This is why I love newgrounds. You criticizing bastards are usually dead on.
Your right about the rain from an anonymous viewer perspective, but I don't write my songs for them, I write them for me. I want to hear rain, so I put rain. I will make a second version without it though.
I put it in jazz because the genre selection on here sucks, and the misc section for audio is filled with bullshit and 99% of pieces there get overlooked. I obviously didn't want this to get overlooked, yet it's not electronic so I didn't put it in ambient. If there was an acoustic genre, that's where this would go. So please don't judge this as a jazz piece.
Of course it is repetitive, it is background music after all. And for the chords I was using there was not much room to progress. Not an excuse by far, just didn't want to kill the song by overdoing anything. Simple is good.
The good majority of songs have vocal melodies. Again I write for me and this song shouldn't have vocals, or any lead for that matter. Eno's rule is it should be as listenable as it is ignorable.
But I'm glad you like the song, I'll take the other pieces of your review into count and make a second, livelier version whilst still retaining the mellow atmosphere.
Thanks a lot for your time and a good, honest fair review. This site needs more cats like you.

Very well done. Good music for wake-up at the morning!

LimeDisciple responds:

Thanks brother, gladyou enjoyed it.

It's so pretty. :'D
That's all. c:

LimeDisciple responds:

Thankyou very much!

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Oct 3, 2012
5:21 AM EDT
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