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The One

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Author Comments

Inspired by the one. I've made over 200 shitty songs trying to make one good one for her.

I couldn't hear static with my headset but I could through my speakers. New export, no static, at least not in the preview/edit page. It was a compressor I was using that sounded good in FL but not on export. Still needs work. I'm might take out a certain point where it essentially repeats and do something different there. It's meant to be solo piece. Inspiration comes and goes. Whether I actually do anything more will depend.
Edit: Took out the middle to ass end which essentially were repeats of the first part but with slight differences. Changed the genre to other. Sakura's pretty good at emulation but not quite on par with a real violin which is what I was going for. Changed the sound a little. Feels a little more like the instrument I was going for or at least the best I can get with what I have. Too bad people can't edit their comments or comment again. And it reverts to the old upload......this fucking thing pisses me off sometimes. NG's editing that is.
Back up to 2mins. I think I'm done for the night. At least it's not repetitive.


This song doesn't have the rating it deserves.

It should be under ambient, not classical, first of all. It's not really classical sounding. Plus it's ambient. Hence ambient. Infractions. Very nice infractions.

The middle to endish part was the best. It reminded me a lot of Alice (The Hatsune Miku song)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x89FJT zqEAU
It has a lot of elements that it sounds like you are trying to reach. Learn from it. u.u
The reason I'm showing this to you, is that it's very structured. Like Swiz said, You don't seem quite to know what you want to achieve with this.

I appreciate the track as ambient, but if you want to get somewhere with it, you need more of a solid approach. Try to know what you want the melody to be before you start putting notes in. If you can make it in you head, then all you need is the skill (If you want to play it on keyboard) or the theoretical knowledge (If you want to sequence the notes)

I'd be willing to help you as well if you have any questions at all, because it sounds promising at the least.

I'd also appreciate if you'd give my most recent upload a listen. n.n

Pissomatik responds:

I appreciate what you said. Thank you. It's really not supposed to have a repetitive melody so I scratched that. Rather the idea I had was to display constantly changing emotion. Random notes are random for a reason. ;p I'll keep toying with it and adding. The song you linked is great.

It's good, but sometimes to static I think. But well done.

Ok so there were some good moments in there, but I think for the most you need to sit down and think about what you really want to accomplish before you start writing. To me though, it sounded like you really just went about the piece by trying random notes and hoping something nice would come up, and unfortunately this approach doesn't usually work too well.

So where to go from here...

For starters, the strings sound off. I'm not sure what sound file you're using, but for this type of music try keeping things pure and undistorted; especially if you're writing for a girl. In my experiences, remixing sounds and finding a good balance and all that should probably come near the end of actually writing the piece.

Ok so onto the actual content. At the moment theres only really one line, which kind of staggers from note to note. I recon start off by having one instrument play one note at a time, ending the next where the next starts. At the moment there are some absolutely awful clashes where the notes just don't go together, so avoid this by just one note being played at a time. Once you have a pretty basic idea, it's on to the next step.

What I'd recommend doing next, is taking the idea you've made, and then enriching it by turning it into a harmony line by having more than one instrument playing it at once. It helps to know some musical theory here to know how to structure the chords and the harmony.

Once you've done all this, then finally add a melody over the top, which is usually done in a higher octave.

I hate to dismantle what you've done, but in my opinion this piece still needs quite a bit of work. I'll be more than happy to help out where I can if you'd like, but good luck with your future composing.

Pissomatik responds:

The overlapping was on purpose. As for everything else, maybe you're right. Sakura plugin for FL Studio. Violin 4 preset. I've done essentially what you said there in the past with many of my shitty pieces of shit and they tend to sound too programmed and robotic. I'm attempting to add a bit more of a human quality to it.

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3.16 / 5.00

Oct 1, 2012
10:40 PM EDT
File Info
4.6 MB
2 min 1 sec

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