~SW~ Star Nuclei

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LOL Frontpage in 5 minutes. It didn't even have a single vote on it. Thank you mysterious frontpager.

Honestly, this is probably the closest I've gotten to something that literally sounds like it was from the stars. Also, this is simultaneously in 5/4 and 3/4. It uses quite a number of random sounds from Poizone, various soundfonts, Harmor, and Reason. There are four guitars, a drumset made from something like 120 samples, and a bass that I made for Step using a soundfont he sent me. I worked VERY hard at humanizing the drums and guitar, which involved a lot of velocity/timing 'mouse fucking'.

Some parts of this, particularly the one from about 1:00-1:40, can sound really sad if you listen closely. I actually could imagine this as coming from the stars, showing their feelings if they were sentient. The section from 1:00-1:44 could show the loneliness of being in space with such a huge emptiness around you.

If you can find the leitmotif, brownie for you.

I am not as satisfied by the last 2 minutes and 30 seconds as I was on the first 3:30 of it. Of course, working for about 7-10 hours straight on a song will do that.

This references three other songs of mine in the last third, so you might want to hear them if you haven't already so you can recognize the melodies. Not a requirement, of course. :)

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/446801 Depth Charge, a song from 2011.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/489070 Dreamland Chronicles, the song that is undoubtedly my most popular and one of my best.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/496869 Ipex#836, a song with a name that I have no idea what and an experiment in dubstep-influenced jazz.

Overall, I think this is the best song I've done and I'm fairly pleased with the result, though after 62 hours of work in FL Studio (according to the project info) it gets really really tiring. This amount of time is NOT counting planning. To put that into perspective, I spent more time working on this than what I spent on any of the two songs above.

Any critique on this would be much appreciated.

-I am putting this in General Rock because I believe it is some form of progressive rock. Of course, other opinions are appreciated on this-


P.S. I think I should give a shoutout to people who've helped me along in my music. There is...

Step! Awesome person who writes essays of music feedback: http://step.newgrounds.com/

Buoy! Another awesome person who provides good feedback and makes amazing music - one of my main sources of inspiration: http://buoy.newgrounds.com/

blackhole12! The person who taught me how to mix properly through one of their news posts: http://blackhole12.newgrounds.com/

RunningShadows! A surprisingly underrated artist who has provided inspiration and introduced me to the DSK vsti. http://runningshadows.newgrounds.com/

ConsciousAutomation! The person who suggested FL Studio to me initially and helped me quite a bit to learn it. http://consciousautomation.newgrounds.com/

My piano teacher, Liz Manduca! She has helped me to learn how to compose properly, as well as teach me to play the piano for half a decade, which helped me greatly to learn how to compose. http://www.manducamusic.com/manducaL.htm

TomFulp! I don't think I need to say much about why I'm putting him here, but just in case... Thanks for making the awesome center of creativity known as newgrounds! http://tomfulp.newgrounds.com/

The music community! There are plenty of people I haven't mentioned who have voted on my music, given me feedback, supported me in general throughout all my time here. I give a MASSIVE thank you to all of you people, and I hope to continue bringing you the original music that I have before. ^_^


Kind of reminds me of Celldweller a little bit.

Like, ambient rock fusion, very atmospheric, yet upbeat... Kinda like something I'd imagine you'd hear in some kind of space station jazz club or something. Kind of soothing, in an "shit's going down" kind of way... if that could be called soothing at all. Liked the blend though.

I think the guitar could have been a tiny bit more prominent though, the acoustic bits fit well, but the distorted stuff seemed to be kind of buried.

Good listen, not something I'd listen to all the time, but definitely worth the listen.

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Good song.

To be a bit more specific:
The intro is freaking good. The kinda low fi cello ish sound is really haunting and the strings and sound effects everything that you have in the first 20 seconds just really make for an awesome atmosphere. Then the acoustic drums that come in are kinda okay but as I've told you I don't think they fit TOO well in the synthetic nebula of sounds you created so to speak. It's sounds a bit like what it looks like when you install electric lamps in churches, the context makes the lamps kinda awkward. Anyway moving on, the bellthing does sound good here. Yeah I already told you what I think about the flutes too. But they do sound like they're mixed a bit better here so they don't stand out as much. The guitar sounds a bit much synthetic around this part.

The transition to 1:01 feels real classy, the bassline change and big pad chord is very reminiscent of mid- to late Pink Floyd. And the guitar parts here are just great, they might as well be real. The whole atmospheric part from 1:01 to 1:46 is fantastic, I love when you can kinda sit back and mentally throw yourself into like a soft mattress of just sounds and sounds. It's great. I try to have parts like that in most of my songs. A lot of panning that spreads out the sounds and creates a huge stereo width really helps too. I think you should some high mids to make it more pleasant though.

Okay yeah so after that it kinda keeps doing what it was doing earlier, albeit with more intensity and a few added and changed up parts and so on. To be honest I don't really enjoy that part too much, mostly because of the flute probably but it's also because the time signature and rhythms are a bit jumpy and awkward. Not that you should really change that though. At 2:03 things start getting a bit more interesting and at 2:13 you really do some great stuff, the parts from here on out are very prog rocky.

2:24 to 2:45 is like so good man.

After that the guitars are aaaaalmost a bit realistic but not really. And the harmonic lines at 3:00 are neatt. Majestic. Reminded me of Animusic's Harmonic Voltage. The frantic drum and guitar and organ synth stuff after that is just like whoa that was awesome. You're actually really really good. Fuckin fantastic transition to the new calmness at 3:36. That part is great! But I wish you hadn't introduced the flute again so soon because it kinda makes me go "oh, this part again". I imagine it would feel a lot more like a big journey if you had just not included it at that moment, because just after that (4:10) you do a new and entirely different part... you don't really have to restate the main theme that many times. And it wouldn't hurt to have some space in the mix by leaving it out either.

Woah neat drumming at 4.52. And at 5:12. And see there you introduce the main theme again so you didn't really need it last time.

Brilliant ending.
It's just 6 minutes but it feels a lot longer. Which is due to it being such a varied song so it's good.

The production is okay but also generally a bit muddy. It lacks that certain polish - each instrument doesn't really shine through the mix like it should. And the bass isn't very clear at all (at times it sounds like you panned it off center? That's not good). I suspect you might have used the reverb a bit too indiscriminately. That's the main thing that hampers my enjoyment of this song (well except maybe the flute lol but that's just about my personal taste).

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SkyeWint responds:

I tip my oiled kangaroo hat to you, good sir, in a gentlemanly fashion as a way of thanking you for this generous gift of respect.

This is music. :D

SkyeWint responds:

Why yes! This is indeed music! :D

Sounds as gorgeous as it did when you showed me the first draft! I've been waiting to hear this finalized for a while.

As I always say, your music sounds like the Age of Mythology soundtrack. :P

I honestly wish I could give more critique, but this isn't really my realm of expertise, although it's great to listen to.

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SkyeWint responds:

Hey there!

I'm glad you think it sounds gorgeous, and still feeling a bit odd that you keep comparing my music to Civ 3 and Age of Mythology. :P

It's alright if you can't give that much critique, I'm glad you like it so much!

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