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~SW~ Star Nuclei

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Author Comments

LOL Frontpage in 5 minutes. It didn't even have a single vote on it. Thank you mysterious frontpager.

Honestly, this is probably the closest I've gotten to something that literally sounds like it was from the stars. Also, this is simultaneously in 5/4 and 3/4. It uses quite a number of random sounds from Poizone, various soundfonts, Harmor, and Reason. There are four guitars, a drumset made from something like 120 samples, and a bass that I made for Step using a soundfont he sent me. I worked VERY hard at humanizing the drums and guitar, which involved a lot of velocity/timing 'mouse fucking'.

Some parts of this, particularly the one from about 1:00-1:40, can sound really sad if you listen closely. I actually could imagine this as coming from the stars, showing their feelings if they were sentient. The section from 1:00-1:44 could show the loneliness of being in space with such a huge emptiness around you.

If you can find the leitmotif, brownie for you.

I am not as satisfied by the last 2 minutes and 30 seconds as I was on the first 3:30 of it. Of course, working for about 7-10 hours straight on a song will do that.

This references three other songs of mine in the last third, so you might want to hear them if you haven't already so you can recognize the melodies. Not a requirement, of course. :)

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/446801 Depth Charge, a song from 2011.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/489070 Dreamland Chronicles, the song that is undoubtedly my most popular and one of my best.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/496869 Ipex#836, a song with a name that I have no idea what and an experiment in dubstep-influenced jazz.

Overall, I think this is the best song I've done and I'm fairly pleased with the result, though after 62 hours of work in FL Studio (according to the project info) it gets really really tiring. This amount of time is NOT counting planning. To put that into perspective, I spent more time working on this than what I spent on any of the two songs above.

Any critique on this would be much appreciated.

-I am putting this in General Rock because I believe it is some form of progressive rock. Of course, other opinions are appreciated on this-


P.S. I think I should give a shoutout to people who've helped me along in my music. There is...

Step! Awesome person who writes essays of music feedback: http://step.newgrounds.com/

Buoy! Another awesome person who provides good feedback and makes amazing music - one of my main sources of inspiration: http://buoy.newgrounds.com/

blackhole12! The person who taught me how to mix properly through one of their news posts: http://blackhole12.newgrounds.com/

RunningShadows! A surprisingly underrated artist who has provided inspiration and introduced me to the DSK vsti. http://runningshadows.newgrounds.com/

ConsciousAutomation! The person who suggested FL Studio to me initially and helped me quite a bit to learn it. http://consciousautomation.newgrounds.com/

My piano teacher, Liz Manduca! She has helped me to learn how to compose properly, as well as teach me to play the piano for half a decade, which helped me greatly to learn how to compose. http://www.manducamusic.com/manducaL.htm

TomFulp! I don't think I need to say much about why I'm putting him here, but just in case... Thanks for making the awesome center of creativity known as newgrounds! http://tomfulp.newgrounds.com/

The music community! There are plenty of people I haven't mentioned who have voted on my music, given me feedback, supported me in general throughout all my time here. I give a MASSIVE thank you to all of you people, and I hope to continue bringing you the original music that I have before. ^_^

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Well first of all i have to apologize for the fact that this review wont be as good as the other for 2 reasons, first i read some comments and i dont want to be repeating too much, and second after listening to Dreamland Chronicles - Evermore i dont really know what else to say about you xD
You once again showed me that you master panning in an amazing way, i would have to say that the way how you pan and choose the effects of your instruments is your most characteristic feature.
As for the song itself once again you started of great and hooked me with the intro, very dreamy indeed. I love 2:47, that scale with a middle eastern sound that you used on the guitar is really awesome.
This is another very solid piece from you but i disagree that it beats Dreamland.
Another excellent piece, congrats SkyeWintrest!

Bonus points for the ring galaxy as the song icon. :D

Where do I begin, I don't usually like minute per minute reviews so I'll just write what I honestly felt by listening to this spacey-sounding piece.

This song has various influences. I can hear hints of progressive rock and the spacey, morphine-induced experimental avant-gardes of the 70's, especially the German bands (Krautrock, the "rock of the roots" comes into mind). It's almost as if Liquid Tension Experiment and Pink Floyd fused together to make something as awesome as this, with the atmospheric layers caressing those lucky listeners' ears in a delicate symphony of acoustic and electronic soundscapes.

Technically, I cannot spot any relevant problems in this beauty, as the track flows very nicely and headphones are REALLY recommended for an immersive and richer experience. I can, however, point out some minor discrepancies in the mix as at some points the drums sound either too overcompressed or their reverb slightly clashes with the other instruments. The snare sound didn't actually satisfy me completely, but I realize that complaining about the very "quality" of the samples is a bit stupid and excessive.

Instrument-wise it's a clever arrangement and it does show up some technical prowess, be it live recorded or programmed - I don't care in either case, with ups and downs clashing together to form one memorable piece. I'm very glad it got frontpaged as I think it totally deserves it, and it actually restores me more faith in Newgrounders' dubious tastes, so so far so good! :D

Thanks again for your support, and as you said in your review, the experiment succeeded in delivering a great shard of your imagination.

SkyeWint responds:

Well, good afternoon, my friend! Thank you indeed for the great review!

"Bonus points for the ring galaxy as the song icon. :D"
Hell. Yes. Fitting picture is fitting.

"Where do I begin, I don't usually like minute per minute reviews so I'll just write what I honestly felt by listening to this spacey-sounding piece."
Sure thing!

"This song has various influences."
Surprisingly, there's very little influence from any specific song, group, or genre in this. I took bits and pieces of what came up in my head and fit it all together - toward the middle, the song just decided where it wanted to go.

"some minor discrepancies in the mix"
Mixing is, sadly, my biggest problem right now. I think I can get the mix to be clear overall, but I still have the issues of "crap I'm using too much reverb", etc. Compressors were barely used in this, surprisingly. The snare was the drum I compressed the most. Sorry you didn't like it. :c It was part of the drumkit.

"headphones are REALLY recommended"
Indeed, they are! I had mixed this with headphones, though it would probably also sound good on higher-quality stereo speakers.

"Instrument-wise it's a clever arrangement"
I've been around music and music theory for over 10 years at this point. ;) Composition has always been a fairly strong point for me (particularly transitions), and learning to compose in the past two years was essentially just applying concepts I had already encountered and knew.

"the experiment succeeded in delivering a great shard of your imagination."
Why thank you! :D Hope I can get some more like this to you! ^_^ The three songs I have linked in the description of this are also some of my better ones, you might like them.


I listened to this piece of music thoroughly, and enjoyed it. Reviews aren't necessarily something I excel at, but you earned yourself a rating of 5, and a score of 5. I'm assuming this is psychedelic rock just by listening to it. You did great! Keep progressing.

SkyeWint responds:

Well hello there! I'm glad you liked this so much! :) It's alright if you aren't extremely good at reviews - anything you can think of that might help me to improve or just what you think overall is fine!

I guess it is psychedelic rock with prog rock elements to it. It's my first experiment in rock music. :)

I plan to keep progressing and getting better! Music is something amazing to me. :)

this counts as pyshicdelic rock
and this would be perfect for a scene of a movie
involving deep thought

SkyeWint responds:

I was thinking that it was more progressive rock, though psychedelic rock would definitely work too. I'm glad you like it! Maybe someone else might end up using a part of it. :)

Kind of reminds me of Celldweller a little bit.

Like, ambient rock fusion, very atmospheric, yet upbeat... Kinda like something I'd imagine you'd hear in some kind of space station jazz club or something. Kind of soothing, in an "shit's going down" kind of way... if that could be called soothing at all. Liked the blend though.

I think the guitar could have been a tiny bit more prominent though, the acoustic bits fit well, but the distorted stuff seemed to be kind of buried.

Good listen, not something I'd listen to all the time, but definitely worth the listen.

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4.74 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2012
10:03 AM EDT
General Rock
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14.1 MB
6 min 10 sec

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