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Author Comments

Well, this is my Round 3 submission for NGADM. Had a little trouble with the uploader today, but all is well. This was kind of a stretch for me, since I only started on it about 3 days ago. So many ideas failed that it was an absolute relief to have an idea that I liked enough to finish.

Anyway, this is definitely going to sound differently than what I usually do. It blends Indian sounds with Hip-Hop, so this may have been a bit ambitious of me. Either way, I'm glad with how it turned out.

Hope you enjoy.

Edit: Noticed I gave this song with Indian instruments (tabla, sitar) an Arabic name. Kinda messed up on that one.

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NGADM 3 and stuff.

Very unique, this one. Nice change of pace, and I commend the choice to do something different. And it did more or less pay off in the end, what's here really sounds great, and the use of more ethnic instruments is something we haven't seen a lot of in the contest so far, so it was cool to hear someone put them to use. And while it doesn't have any overly ethnic feel, it does enough to really separate it from the other entries.

The issues I take with this one are that it sounds more or less the same all the way through, the beat changes, the instruments walk a different stride, but it still all ends up sounding more or less like the section before it with slight alterations, which makes it kind of repetitive and I found myself losing interest near the end. There are also a few sections of the song that are very... empty. Where it seems everything just stops save the percussion, and it really feels like there should be something there... but there isn't.

Overall, good unique composition, if a bit repetitive and empty in spots here and there. 8/10.

This submission is really fun, and has one of the strongest and coolest themes. The hippity hoppity drums and percussion fit the otherwise ethnic and organic instrumentation pretty well, and the programming of them is quite interesting, but it does sound somewhat goofy. The mixing is pretty good and consistent throughout and everything sounds relatively clear, but it's not glorious and impressive either.

This song has a bit of the same problem as your last one - you have this absolutely gorgeous string-oriented part that starts at 2:28 (I'm expect more of that good stuff from you so I'm favoriting you btw), but nowhere in the first two minutes do you even hint towards it! If it wasn't my job to listen to it thoroughly and give detailed feedback, I probably wouldn't have bothered listening as long as it took to get to that part. Also just because I'm curious, what are you using for strings?

After that part things get pretty boring. I've already hear the ethnic+hip hop mix, and it's the same thing now, just more sparse. There's not a lot more to talk about in this track after the initial novelty has worn off.


I loved the use of ethnic instrumentsin this piece, specifically the sitar.
I loved the melodies that you presented, and just when it's in danger of
becoming repetitive, a new instrument or idea is presented. I loved the
slightly odd choice of boinging percussion used at times, and usage of the
bongo were just right, without them getting too intrusive.

Here's your round 3 review! It'll be a bit harsher than your previous reviews once more. Harsher the closer to the end we get!

The Good:
-That intro sounds really cool with all the indian instruments.
-Your percussion is much better this time IMO. The way it's sequenced sounds very nice overall.
-0:32 THUMP. Niiiiiiice. Also after that, the bouncing instrument (can't remember the name of it) sounds pretty awesome.
-You have quite a few interesting melodies.
-I still love your violin sound and have been looking for it in BAB's soundfonts for awhile but can't find it. Damn.
-Very unique-sounding. You certainly have your own style.

The Not-So-Good:
-Mixing could still use some work, some instruments are buried under other ones.
-The transitions could also use some work. About 2:10-2:23 seems odd, particularly at 2:23 where everything goes down and it sounds like it's the intro to another song.
-At about 3:54, that transition could use a tiny bit more, there's a lot of empty space in it.
-After 4:06, things get fairly boring. It sounds pretty awesome, but goes on for a long time without much changing. At 4:36, it seems a bit more disconnected from the other parts.

Overall: This is pretty cool and definitely not the kind of thing I would normally hear, but... it's a bit too disconnected and monotonous. The mixing and percussion is a lot better overall. You might want to focus more on melodies and composition overall rather than mainly percussion. I'll give this a 7.5/10.

RetromanOMG responds:

In regards to the mixing, I feel I had the most dificulty mixing the strings in a fashion that kept them all audible. As I mentioned in the previous response, I ran out of time and rushed the production. When I redo this song, I will address the issues that I left unanswered in it's production.

Holy pickle this be straight trippin homie. This song made mah ass trip like i was on Lisidieij fliggle. aggashmil!!! Shiiiiiiiiittt...

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3.99 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2012
11:56 PM EDT
File Info
6 MB
5 min 17 sec

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