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Hey guys this is my new Electro house track for the NGADM round three against Waterflame. I spent many hours on this and it will be interesting to see how the results turn out! And ya, the vocals and lyrics are both me.

Leave me a review to let me know what you think : )


I'm no expert, and I don't write music or anything, but, as a dubstep song, this is great!

I never rate 5 stars, but this is the type of song I would love to have in my playlists.

GrantBowtie responds:

Thanks- appreciate it

NGADM 3 and stuff.

I really wanted to like this, I really did, because on the composition side of things, I thought it sounded great, everything fit together so well.

However... one word... Brickwalled... This song was pushed so hard against the limiter that it made it painful to listen to, vocals should never, NEVER be that loud... actually, nothing in this song should ever be as loud as it was. Regardless, I found it very, very difficult to listen past the brickwall to actually judge the composition of this one, by the time the song was over, I had a major headache. Your songs so far have all been pushed pretty hard, but none seemed to be nearly as blatantly rammed right up against that limiter as this one.

Sorry to say, but as cool as the song itself was, the fact that it was so tightly crammed against that brickwall made it headache inducing to listen to. 7/10.

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You have a super-obvious, straightforward and prominent main melody and that is good. For some reason this particular melody feels kinda infantile and banal - especially compared to the main melodies in your previous submissions, which were real classy and funky. It gets a lot better when it's played by the badass bassy synth from 2:15 - it sounds a lot more appropriate then.

I enjoyed the additional sounds you have in this piece - especially that chord melody at 1:12 was a real treat, and you got to show off some, err, harmonic/music-theoretical skills if you see what I mean. Some other nice things were the robotic manipulation of the distorted synth at 3:02 and the more swing kinda rhythms towards the end.

These vocoded vocals have some real meat to them - but it's a bit jumpy and the heavy effects makes the lyrics a lot less intelligible. At least the most important part - the "tonight I will be moving to that symphony" line - is pretty clear so that's good!

It wouldn't hurt to have a few variations of the main melody, and at least a third theme/part in addition to the two you already have. The second half of the song is pretty much a ctrl+c, ctrl+v of the first half, with a bit more fills and a bit more crazy. You only have material enough for a 2 maybe 3 minute song in my opinion. Also the end was lazy as shit c:


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This sounds more dubstep than house to me personally, and the mixing was okay,
if not great. The entire track was WAY too hot and the waveform was practically
bulging the edges the whole way through. There was absolutely no dynamic
range that I could hear occurring during this track.

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GrantBowtie responds:

Thanks for the review. Ya it was a little too hyped probably; I'll consider it in my next ones.

Here's your round 3 review! It'll be a bit harsher than your previous reviews once more. Harsher the closer to the end we get!

And like I said to Waterflame, sorry if this sounds a bit harsh. :c I was not feeling very generous toward repetition in this round.

The Good:
-Hahahaha, that intro sounds very nice. It has some really cool sounds in it. I'm glad you changed up your synths some.
-I like the usage of all those cool little FX sounds throughout. They keep it a bit more interesting than what it'd otherwise be.
-SNAPS! Niiiiiice. I love snaps. You may not use them much but they sound really nice.
-A lot of the instruments sound pretty darn cool, you really know how made EDM.

The Not-So-Good:
-Okay, I turned my volume down to 13/100, and it STILL gave me a headache from the volume of it. Not everything needs to be so compressed that it's blasting out of my speakers.
-The vocals sound louder than the actual music. This isn't a good thing. For an intro where the volume is coming up, vocals should be turned down to the volume of the rest of the song. As-is, they overpower EVERYTHING in the build-ups.
-It gets very dubstep-monotonous at about 1:00-2:00 and 3:00-4:00. It's also varily monotonous in the 2:00-3:00 part simply due to lack of variation.
-Some of your wobble basses are out-of tune which doesn't sound very good.
-Outro isn't all that good, try having a little bit extra sound dying down rather than a single synth doing an arpeggio which I noticed you did in your round 1 song. I believe I commented on it then too.

Overall: This is pretty nice, but REALLY repetitive and overcompressed to a crazy amount. Unfortunately, it's not very different from your other songs either, so... This'll get a 5.5/10 from me.

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