C23 - Avination II

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Hey dudes, my mind decided to (re)make a song using a different atmosphere than my usual songs.

A remake of Avination in PEACEFUL mixture style.

'Avination' was inspired by my friend Avizura, which explains quite a lot why I turned from Video Game to Drum & Bass. I still can't make 100% Drum N Bass, but at least I tried over and over.

Now, with my new-gained music theory knowledge and etc, I enchanted composition and production on this version, which I called 'Avination II'. For further reference, DO NOT listen to the old version. It sucks a lot.

If it isn't clear, Avination was made by me under my former alias. Version 1 was a RMX of an intro, but this one will be much more unique...in fact, this is not even a RMX; it borrows styles instead.

This song begins calmly and slowly, but it eventually goes into fast-paced mode as the song goes on. I blended some Chinese and Japanese spirit into the song. Japan and China, please make peace, not war.

Made with FL 10.

Enjoy. =]


great song

but if you want to hear japanese influence

listen to my song The Last Cherry Blossom, im sure youll

take something from it to help you with future songs

for your song, trying some different synths may help out

try putting up a nylon string instrument to bring out the japanese feel.

still great song tho, keep it up

My, my. You are strict towards your fans... Here I thought I could take my time reviewing...
Anyway, it did take me long enough to write the review, so here ya go:

The song starts with a smooth, easy-to-listen-to intro, which makes the whole song a lot smoother too. I liked that I could hear it come back during almost the entire song. Good job at that.

Then the familiar NLC (HA!) drums kicked in, followed by a nice choir(?) and finally by a sudden transition, opening the mid-part.
Now I didn't really like how the choir suddenly popped up, and the fact that it didn't really blend in that well with the rest of the song. I admit: it sounds great, but I think you should have lowered the volume of it a bit, and added another instrument at the same time. It'd make the song a lot 'richer', without sounding awkward.

What I also did like about the intro was the transition. Now I am a huge fan of smooth transitions, but things like this, namely the other way around (0:55-ish) is also something I can appreciate. A lot.
Hearing it made me want to play a game which would feature this music. I'm seeing something Sonic-ish (sorry, I know you don't like Sonic), with the controllable character suddenly fastening the pace, running into the giant world before them.


After that, the song really gets going, and you even added a secondary melody, also something you score a lot of points with. With me, that is, and to make it even better you even throw a few others in, too. Good. Real good.

I also want to mention the bass: It sounds different than your usual 'deep' bass, but in no way worse. It sounds 'harder', as I explained to you before, but still pretty warm. You mastered it well, young one.

Then the song proceeds smoothly, without any real good or bad sides, which is a shame, since I expected (and you really need to start doing this, IMO) a climax at 3:05, and after that, the song pretty much dies out. It really makes listening to the second half a lot more difficult.

While I am impressed by the sheer quality you uploaded, I do want you to improve more and more.

So recapitulating:

-Good shit-
- Bass
- Intro
- Choir throughout the song
- Drums
- Bass!
- Mastering
- Instruments used.

-Bad shit-
- Choir in intro
- End
- Climax (or the lack of it)

I would like to say that you did a very good job, and that this will go into my faves... though you aren't ready for my precious download here... yet.

4/5; 8.3/10
Good job; keep it up!

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Chrausner responds:

Although I agree with the Choir flaw, you seriously need to stop listening to climax songs and compare their structure to mine. The reason why you expect 'climax, climax, climax,' is because you listen to TOO much of that shit. I'm not fucking Infected Mushroom.

Sorry, but climaxes will not happen in my songs. Expect no climax. Thanks for your time to review, though.

EDIT: lol, I woke up at 5 AM when I replied to your review. It reflects the bad mood, he he. =P

favorited and 5 out of 5 really good song

Chrausner responds:

Thanks. =]

Heh, that's a good song ! I like it !

Chrausner responds:

Thank you!

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Sep 19, 2012
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