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Asperges Me

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Friends, I present to you my Round 3 NGADM submission, with which I have advanced to Round 4 by default T_T. The title, 'Asperges Me,' is Latin for 'you shall sprinkle me,' and is inspired by the prayer with the same opening words (Asperges me hysopo, a translation of Ps. 51). Therefore 'asperges' and 'sprinkling' in this song are one and the same.

The piece was done after a harrowing two weeks, which involved completing the RAC submission, beginning my Legal Practice Course with introductory sessions all day every day, getting into a housing problem beyond my control and being rendered almost homeless, and breaking down in tears.

The lyrics to this piece were inspired by (and at least try to tell about) an actual dream I had in October 2011. The dream was powerful, and the things I saw in the dream were powerful. Most notable are the person I saw at the door at the end of the story, and his performing of the asperges -- or the sprinkling -- on me. The minute the water splashed on my face, I woke up with a jolt. It made me think about my direction in life, what I was being called to, and it still makes me think.

FL Studio 10, Audacity and an integrated PC mic. Sung in profound sadness. I cannot say I have mastered proper vocal technique, but I've done my best. T_T Also, noise removal is an absolute pain in the rear. The Edison recording software ran out of memory, so much so that I had to go back to Audacity. Groan.

(If you will suffer to hear the details of the dream, I only ask that you be merciful to me. PM me if you must.)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


I'm walking in the dark and I'm not alone
The people who love me are with me
And I walk ahead in the silence, uncertain, unsure
And I look around me, I don't need to fear
I'm safe in their arms, I'm kept under their eyes
I turn to look into their eyes---

O please walk beside me
Slowly, slowly
Take me by the hand
And lead me safely home

I'm walking in the dark and I'm not alone
I know there's a long way before I go home
And suddenly, I see--
A loved one is gone
I search and I search and I never can find her
So I go further, slip away into the silence
Just hoping I'd see her again----


Asperges me, Domine!
Ignis divine, miserere me!

So please walk beside me
Slowly, slowly
Come into my heart
And lead me safely home...

It's the end of the road and time to decide
I don't know if I should turn back or go away
And suddenly, I see--
A light from the door
I see you standing by and you sprinkle me clean
O please, lead me home


Used in this project:
Akai-Steinway III soundfont, by Denis.

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Oh god, what have I gotten myself in to.

Amazing composition, 10/10.

is satanbrain on drugs?? THIS SONG IS BRILLIANT, and beyond the confines of genre-labeling. with the right production quality, it could be a masterpiece! you had me reduced to tears by the time the epic build up came around. =*)

the chord progressions flow perfectly, and I LOVE the piano part (especially that right-hand melody at 3:14). vocals are shaky at some points, but that's not a deal-breaker for me at all, especially since your harmonies at the build up and climax are GORGEOUS. there's really not that much I can pick apart, because this is one of those pieces that merit such emotional impact that a technical critique is completely irrelevant.

pardon me for coming to this so late; I'm cycling through last year's NGADM submissions for research (now I'm sad that you didn't get to do it this year) and realizing what I've been lacking in my own submissions. so thank you for the inspiration! ^_^

Troisnyx responds:

On that note, Jacob, I'm attempting to get a better version of this into my debut album. The strings still need polishing as far as I am aware, and any help on that front will be appreciated. If you go onto my Bandcamp (music store), the current version of this song is in my single, Terre des Hommes Libres.

I'm just grateful that this song has really touched you so much. I am still clinging onto the message of the song because that is what has carried me through last year, and I need it to carry me through this year...

The genre is unfit. The melody and the singing are not gothic. The structure is classical. The words are words of prose, not lyrics. The visionary revolves enough for the viewer to lose balance. Unsuccessfully I searched a meaning in this song.

Troisnyx responds:

Thanks for the review, mate. Unfortunately,
1) it's NOT classical, and neither can it be under miscellaneous, and the remade song was just as dark as what you'd expect from a goth piece (hence the genre shift).
2) If you've got some poetry to replace this set of lyrics while retaining the feel of it, go ahead and show me what you've got! :D

beautiful and calming.

cant think of anything else to say that does it justice.


NGADM 3 and stuff.

Right off the bat, I've noticed an improvement in the composition from the last round. And it's great to hear, it's got a little more to it, more going on, and feels a little more natural and fueled by emotion. This goes for both the music and the vocal line. I've also noticed an improvement in the execution of the vocals.
Downside is, the vocals are still very over processed, too much reverb, too grainy, and sounds like it was sung in a separate room than the rest of the music. My only other complaint is that there's no real big lift in the song, it kind of carries the same tone the entire song, and I kept expecting to hear this big dramatic and emotional lift, but it never came.

Overall, an improvement, although your vocal processing really needs to be worked on. 7.5/10.

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Sep 16, 2012
12:32 PM EDT
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