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BK - Galaxy Blaster

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Author Comments

so... here's a song i made just for you :)
I'm really happy with this song and how it turned out

If you people want it, i will make a dance version of this song (if possible) :D

(Some people really need to grow up)

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Not bad! Personally I quite liked the pitch slide on the intro pluck. Agree with the others about the lead synth from :30-1:00 and 1:30 onwards, though. I think it's a cool sound in itself, but in order to mesh well with the other elements of the track it needs to be a little more melodic - how does it sound if you change the pitch and reduced the pitch bend/portamento? Or perhaps if you took the pluck out when that lead comes in -- I think that's a big part of where the clash is. Either way, enjoyed listening to the track and looking forward to hearing more of your stuff!

Aqua8B responds:

Thanks, yeah, the 0:30 sound is something i will improve more
a new song is coming really soon, really really soon!!
i will try to imrpove and get better with every song i make
Thanks for your feedback, its very very much apreciated!! :D

Hello there.

First off, I sincerely apologize for the RRC not getting a review on this. Unfortunately, the club is dying out somewhat and we don't have enough members with enough time to review every submission (due to various reasons - college, high school, work, other important stuff, etc). I haven't been active in the RRC for a little while myself. However, since I do come in every once in awhile and review, here's one for you. I'll also review your other song (s) that you posted for this next/last week.

-Nice intro, I like the chord progression and the rhythms, they're odd.
-I like the buildup at 1:00, along with the slight change in chord progression - would be great if you could vary it a bit more.
-1:30 Holy crap I am such a sucker for that kind of deep reverbed bass hit that sounded so satisfying.
-I'm impressed that there's not unintentional distortion (that I can hear).

-The way you use the pluck in the beginning is EXTREMELY overdone. Try using some other way to build up rather than just extending the decay length. Also, it has an odd pitch slide. The pitch slide is comparatively minor though, so you don't really need to worry about it much.
-I personally think that when the drums come in, they're slightly too loud. This mainly applies to the shaker sound you have in there. It's a tad harsh, I'd have liked if it came in a bit slower. Also, I can barely hear the clap sound under the kick - might want to increase the volume of that a bit if you are really opposed to making the other percussion quieter.
-0:30. Holy fucknuggets my ears exploded when that hit in. It sounds awesome, but it's WAY too loud and doesn't have anything right before it preparing you for that explosion of sound. Don't brickwall sound pl0x. That hurts ears. (basically: It'd sound a bit better if there were some kind of preparation for the really loud sound, or if the really loud sound were lowered in volume a little bit before it comes in)
-After the eargasm at 1:30, the big distorted sound was a bit off-key for the most part compared to the chord progression. Might be nice if you changed the pattern a bit more to fit with the chords.
-Toward the end, where you start simply layering more piano/pluck sounds, it sounds very much like you had run out of ideas and decided just to add stuff to lengthen the song.
-Finally, where in the world is the ending? Everything just cuts out with filtered and sidechained white noise going 'down'. Not very satisfying at all.

Overall: This is actually a pretty unique piece of house from what I've heard (though I don't listen to a lot of house music so meh). I do have to give you credit for that. The main things I think you need to work on are the volume levels of your instruments and keeping within the key signature. Once you have that down, then you can start experimenting more with accidentals and off-key melodies. Granted, that's mainly if you want to add a jazzy element to your music, but hey, no reason to not try that - jazz can sound pretty cool. I'll give this a 6/10. The uniqueness of what this is compared to what I've heard gives it an extra two points from what it would otherwise be.

Oh, one final word of advice - more variance in melodies. Try having more than one melodic idea in a song, so that you can bring multiple themes in and out. That also allows you to extend the length of your music without it sounding quite as 'stock'.

-Review Request Club-

Aqua8B responds:

at first i forgive you for doing it too late THIS time :P :)

let's just get immediately to the "not good", because that's where my improvements are laying
for the decay slide, yeah I'm testing a bit with this here and there, so i need to improve that
but the pitch slide was on purpose, i thought it sounded nice

for the drums, i don't know, i think i need to make the drums not so loud in my future songs

0:30, yeah, that's whats needed to get improved for sure, because the next song i am going to upload soon, has that same dirty bass idea, and the same sound

at 1:30, that was actually the hardest part to create in the song, to let the distorted sound fit the chord progression, seriously, almost impossible :)

towards the end and the end itself, i did anything to prevent it from getting repetitive, so i just added sounds to keep it "fresh", and for the end, another main thing i need to work on, the endings

thanks for all the advice you have given me, i know it's hard to listen to someone's song and then write such a list of good and notasgoods, you have my respect
i will try and use all the advice in my future songs :)

I really dig the beginning - not sure how I feel about the sound you chose for :30 to 1:00, doesn't seem to mix with the rest of what's going on. Otherwise, fantastic groove.

Aqua8B responds:

Thanks, this is like my first song of this Music style, and i found it pretty hard to get the sound i chose(0:30-1:00), right with the melody, in the future i will 100% use this info, with creating these type of songs
And Thanks!!! :D
Its very much Appreciated!!! :D :D


Aqua8B responds:

I'm glad you like it :D :D

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Sep 14, 2012
4:09 PM EDT
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