Some Shitty Metal Solo

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I really did.


Don't listen to CowMeat. You can use your picking hand just as much as your fretting hand if you have the coordination and timing down. Look up the different modes and run through them very slowly with a metronome. That will teach you both theory and dexterity. The key to playing fast and clean is to build up the muscle memory in your hands. Practice really slowly at first then build up speed once you feel comfortable.

to clean up your soloing you need to stop using your right hand so much. In my opinion right hand is for rhythm guitar and left is for lead guitar. practice your scales slow and work up. Your left hand will start moving alot more than your right after a while. If you do this your leads will sound 1000x cleaner.

Reminds me of stuff I hear in guitar center. work on your theory; break out of the pentatonic box and finally listen to a variety of music for inspiration and ideas.

you just went full retard, man...never go full retard man... 2 stars for the try. but please, exercise a lot! study study study and play play play. don't just pull random notes out of a pentatonic, it's just useless unless you well know what notes to take.

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fast runs/ sweeps/ penatonics/ tapping

key elements for metal soloing. keep on truckin sir.

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