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Get up n' Fight (NGADM)

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Author Comments

que onda hijos de la mala vida?

omg, im so excited with this ^^. This is my submition for round 2 in the massacre known as NGADM. I was trying to make somethin new, like a classical song or something like that, but as you know, im not really used to it jet so, i stay in my strong side, the VGM

this is my first 200BPS song (i know... is fuckin awesome)

RetromanOMG good luck man, you'll need it... HAHAHAHAHAHAHahhahahaha..
.haha..ha......ha... ehemmm... anyways, hope you enjoy this song. Retroman, it was sarcasm. of course that i wish you the best of lucks.

GREAT DAY newgrounders

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I love the 8-bit sounds, especially coated with reverb. You've probably heard it but the guitars, particularly the lead guitars, are pretty obnoxious. A lot of their lines are very well composed, though!

The treble is pretty harsh for most of the track, careful for that

Keep up the good work though!

NGADM 2 and stuff.

It's like retro video game metal, I love it. The heavy driving drums fit really well into the song, and despite the somewhat bad quality samples, you made them work. It progressed well, and never really felt repetitive, and the entire thing just oozed a nostalgic feel of a game like F-Zero... Fast paced, up beat future retro style race music. Also enjoyed the slight 8 bit influence thrown in there as well.
That said, the guitar samples (I'm gonna go ahead and assume that's slayer) did take away from it a little bit in the beginning, not enough to be irritating, but enough to be noticeable. I also think overall, a little more could have been done on the mixing side to make it really come together.

Overall though, awesome song, fun to listen to. 8/10.

The song kicks off immediately with the greatest strength of the piece - solid, catchy melodies. The fake guitars make for a pretty terrible start though, as it is not only a pretty terrible sound but also out of tune. The bass, the strings and the traditional chiptune lines sound good though, as does your use of reverb.

Most of the positive things I have to say about this track are mentioned in the review for the previous submission, because these songs are quite similar. In summary, they are: good melodies, great harmonies, neat video game-like feel.

When it changes from the hectic metal beat to a more stripped down breakbeat, that's a very welcome change of pace. Consider taking it a step further and reducing the intensity of some parts even further - intensity and blazing speeds tends to be more appreciable when separated into more digestible chunks with room for breathing inbetween. This song is also characterized by a lot of very high frequency content - even in the less intense parts, and while this makes for good ear candy upon the first listen, it leads to ear fatigue really quickly.


This is an NGADM Round 2 Review.


Not bad at all. You're very good at making really fast-paced tracks, comparable to people like Dimrain47. And just like your Round 1 submission, this takes fast-paced to a whole new level, while still retaining a nostalgic and exciting video-game feeling.

Your melodies are nice. I'll admit I prefer your Round 1's composition (the main melody in that track is amazing), but here the melodies shine quite brightly too. Despite all of the notes being so quick, you create melodies that make sense and are enjoyable to listen to. The intro's melody was great and you repeated it again at the end, just like you did in your Round 1 submission, and again, it works out well and wraps everything up nicely.

Your sounds are good too. I absolutely adore how you threw in both metal and chiptune elements to make something that sounds so coherent and fun to listen to. I'm hearing some metal-style drums, a bass, guitars, and I'm also hearing an array of chiptune sounds. Chiptune and metal make an interesting combination (most genres make interesting combinations with metal now that I'm thinking about it) and when, on top of that, you make it work, you get kudos from me. Nice intro by the way. It gets right into the track, showcasing what you could call the main melody of the track. It works very well for a track in this style. Transitions were OK.

Unfortunately, I don't think this comes close to your Round 1 submission or audition in terms of quality. Your Round 1 submission trumps this in almost everything. That's not to say this isn't bad, since I'm still giving it a (relatively) high score, but it does feel like a bit of a disappointment. The melodies were good but nothing special or memorable unlike your Round 1 track's melodies. Your outro also isn't very good. While most of your transitions were decent, the one at 3:25 was far too sudden for a tempo change like that and the ending note was quite underpowered. That ending felt too tacked on overall.

Oh and this falls into the same trap that your Round 1 submission fell into. It doesn't change much at all and while it may be fun to listen to, it really gets tiring to listen to after a while, to the point that I had to turn my volume down just to finish this review. There are just so many things in there that get tiring. The guitar at 0:20 is horrible, its frequencies are so sharp like a sine wave that it just pierces through the listener's ears. The crazy fast drum rolls and quick tempo are only serving to worsen the overall experience. You need to change up your songs more man. This has so much potential but it offers what it has to offer in basically the first half of the track and by the time the listener gets to the second half it gets pretty tiring. The only little break was at 2:46. It needs more diversity!

Anyway, overall I think this was a bit of a disappointment. Compared to Verse on Fire and Pixelated Rainbow, I'm afraid it falls short of impressive. However it's still a great track on its own and showcases your fantastic talent in this genre.


SCORE: 7.5/10

Sound somewhat like a megaman song. But i salute you for the badassness of the song.

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3.93 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2012
2:17 AM EDT
Video Game
File Info
4.2 MB
3 min 40 sec

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