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-= Killburst =-

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Author Comments

It's been too long since I've made a DnB track, especially considering it used to be my favorite genre to produce. So, to make up for a bit of lost time, I went ahead and made this little tune ;)

Enjoy everyone! And be sure to check out my other stuff at:
www.facebook.com/TheBioci deOfficial
www.soundcloud.com/TheBio cide
www.youtube.com/user/TheB iocideOfficial
www.twitter.com/TheBiocid e


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I like it quite a bit, and I gotta say you deserve all the support and respect all of us, your fans, give you on NG. While some may not like this as much as the next guy or as much as I do, its still from you and that my friend is enough to make it a good song. Keep it up.

Your Loyal Dubstep Junkie,

TheBiocide responds:

Ahahaha! Well, that's an awesome thing for you to say! I've learned that this song is a bit of a "hit or miss" kind of tune - some people love it, while others... not so much. And that's cool with me! You certainly can't win 'em all ;)

Glad you like it though, buddy. Much love to ya <3

What if i told you to completely ignore everything all these "gentlemen" are saying against your epic song....

What if i told you this is quite amazing and definitely worth a 5?

What if i told you i want to bear your children?

Because i do.....

And im a man.

TheBiocide responds:

Hahahahahahaha!!! Thanks, man! Glad you feel... that way ;) This song really seems to be either a hit or miss kinda thing.

I love reviews like yours: full of character and a hint of kindness.

Cheers, my friend! Hope to hear more from you in the future!

I saw this and I thought: "Oh, awesome! Another DnB track!", which was probably wrong of me. I try not to expect awesome stuff from a song, just because it's in the same genre, but I guess this time I had my hopes up a bit too much.
The style in this one wasn't really of what I usually like, and I can agree a bit with 'glimpee' on certain things. I found the overall track to sound a bit out of rhythm, almost, even if I know it wasn't. And, (I can only speak from experience here), the track didn't feel so much DnB. I think I found it a bit "messy", and in contrast to what 'glimpee' said, I find the track to be complex. Somewhat at least.
In any case, as I have stated in previous reviews, I'm not so good with judging what is actually good and what is actually bad to do in music, so don't take what I say and value it as anything else than an opinion. It's good that you (the listener) get to hear some variaty from the creator, even if you may not like it as much as other songs/tracks.
I'm not saying it's a bad track, because it certainly isn't, but it's not my style and that's okay! Just keep doing what you're doing and keep trying to improve yourself in whatever area you wish. It's always nice to see when people like you put a lot of effort into what they do.

Thanks for the great music, and for being awesome!

TheBiocide responds:

Now that's some awesome feedback right there. I can always appreciate an honest, good hearted review :)

I'm disappointed that you, and some others, don't seem to be diggin this tune as much as I had hoped. But, that's just how this kind of thing works - nothing to do now but look back and try and decide what NOT to do in the future ;)

And as far as you being "not so good at judging what is actually good and bad to do in music" is concerned, it's just not true. Your opinion counts just as much as anyone else's :) I'm sure a lot of people don't understand a lot of the dynamics that come with being a "good producer". But what does it matter if you're an awesome producer skill-wise yet, people still don't like your tunes? If that's a good example...?

Anyways, thanks again for leaving a lengthy, honest, well-mannered review! I'll be looking forward to the next one ;)

Cheers, buddy!

i really like the the new techstep thing lol, maybe you can make more of that :p

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks, buddy - I'm sure this won't be the last time I have at some Neurofunk/Techstep stuff :)

I wanted to make a more in depth review because I still felt bad :(

I think I'll start off with stuff that I think needs improvement.

-The beginning (At least up to 0:45) starts slow, with repeating tracks that don't really progress, they kind of just move laterally throughout the song. There's also a lack on complexion, but it's still not bad
-Starting at (0:45) Start a beat/DnB drop, with sounds really weird, like you inverted your drums, they just feel like they're in the wrong place. The lack of complexion continues.
-1:45 Only really 2 instruments, and then a pause without not a lot of buildup beforehand
-2:30 Feels likes a copy paste from earlier
-2:50 Loses the good rhythm from 1:40 :( Goes back to something not so great
-Overall, I would say it's leaning more twords Dubstep with Copy and Paste, the only part I really feel can be more DnB is the fact that you didn't resort to truely grit junkyard basses. Thank you.

The Good
-The bass the starts around 1:40 is really cool, and the beat fixes itself there too
-The instruments you made overall are very nice
-The ending and middle pick up the rest of the song
-Lack of instruments can also be a good thing in this case

I will give it around 6 out of 10, it has it's elements, but you're not at that 10k hours level yet haha

TheBiocide responds:

Thanks for the review, man! Always good to get a nice, lengthy critique every now and then! I guess I'll take some time to try and address some of the things you mentioned since you took the time to point 'em out :)

The pattern I used for the drums isn't actually that uncommon to hear in a Drum and Bass track. However, if you think it sounds weird, that's totally fair - it has that sort of "off beat" feel to it - which, personally, I love :3 You also mentioned that at 1:45 there are only "two instruments", which I can honestly say is not right at all... Haha, there are numerous layers of basses, sub basses, kicks, snares and cymbals playing. Just because it doesn't complex doesn't mean it isn't. You did even say yourself, "lack of instruments can be a good thing" - so I guess you get what I'm saying ;)

Those are really the only thing I wanted to address. I don't agree with everything, but for the most part, I do! And that's fine, it's impossible to get good reviews all the time! Reviews like yours keep me on my toes... Haha!

Thanks again for the review, man - always appreciated!

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4.86 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2012
7:29 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
File Info
9.7 MB
4 min 15 sec

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