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Her Wish

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Author Comments

I didn't have enough time to finish this for the Deathmatch competition, but here is what I was able to create in the meantime. I am quite upset, but I'll probably finish this song when I return at the end of this weekend.

I'm actually rushed at this moment because I am scheduled to leave in ten minutes, so let's just say this song was a miracle being produced in such a short amount of time.

Lord help me.


Everything has a very calm and liquid feel to it. The swelling of the strings sounds like they are tides and the woodwinds the breeze flowing. When the chorus came in it really climaxed.......and made me hit play again!

You have a great sense of progression and for having rushed this, you did an amazing job at orchestrating. This feels like it belongs in a movie. Like it NEEDS to be represented visually.
What I loved the most about this short piece is that I was able to see so many things in my head, some new, others old. A short story unfolded in my mind with this and that makes this piece amazing!

I wish you wouldn't have ended it so quickly, as by the end I was uplifted....and quickly brought back down to earth. I hope you get to finish this because I fell in love with your work and now I can't get enough!

Bosa responds:

Well, I'm the worst of the worst really.

NGADM 2 and stuff.

Very pretty, and a wide range of instruments to keep things flowing. Unfortunately, I don't think some of them were very well implemented, the "chorus" section for example, just seems to come out of nowhere and fades out just as quickly, and in my opinion didn't really fit in all that well.
There was also a problem with clipping later in the song when the piano came in.

Overall though, it sounded nice, if you were able to smooth out that choir section a bit and fix that clipping later in the song, would have earned at least another point. As is, 7/10.

I'll join in the "beautiful" chorus of reviewers so far, but comment that 1:20 is fine and just a normal type of progression in a piece like this. Yes the piece comes across somewhat like a background theme for a movie scene, but all the same it's wonderfully built and the flow is effortless and the feeling is profound. It's the kind of piece that no amount of nit-picking can diminish...if only you would finish it up someday. Keep it comin' man!

Bosa responds:

Well, it's the judges' jobs to find the smallest details to pick and complain about. Honestly, I found the complaints about this song trivial, but I suppose some butt kissing and revelry will get me some higher scores.

Thank you for the courteous review, man. I really do appreciate that!

This is your NGADM Round 2 Review.


Well this here is a beautiful piece of work. You've really nailed this style; I can safely say you've almost mastered it. Everything sounds so pretty and well-made. Very nice work. It's a shame you didn't have time to flesh this out fully.

What I like here most is the production value. Like in Round 1, you make good use of your instruments and execute the sections of your piece of music skilfully, but unlike in Round 1 over here your song doesn't clip and doesn't have iffy mixing anywhere. Everything fits so well with each other. The string chords are wonderfully warm and vivid, coupled by some absolutely amazing harp, piano and woodwind passages. You manage to retain dynamics while still making everything crystal clear, which is something that Rampant's track has trouble with.

On top of that you've got great composition. The only aspect of the composition I wasn't very impressed with was the 1:06 transition which felt like it came out of nowhere, but otherwise your composition is solid. You've got some little things like the fantastic intro, the key change at 1:19, the high strings answering the melody at 2:01 and the super uplifting buildup at 2:20 that really kept things interesting and show off your fantastic musical skills. The key change at 1:19, in particular, is really interesting. A bit awkward at first but once it settles in it feels like such an integral part of the composition.

That being said, my first issue with this track is something that you weren't able to control. This track feels unfinished, mainly in the fact that it ends with a really uplifting buildup that just dies down. It really doesn't fit at all. I was expecting more development over there but all it did was allow the harp to play a few descending major scales and die down for the ending. It's a massive shame that you didn't have time to finish this because it shows in the ending.

My other issue with this track is more something that Rampant's track has which yours doesn't rather than an actual problem present within the track. Rampant's changes mood while yours remains a pretty consistent 'uplifting' mood throughout. In all fairness I can't see many ways of incorporating mood changes into this track (maybe that's just me) but still, the fact that it's roughly the same mood throughout makes this track's structure not as memorable. Your Round 1 track had the problem of focusing on a story too much but here it's the opposite. Because of its linear nature, it doesn't tell much of a story or describe any sort of journey. It lacks a direction.

All in all, you're really good at this. You and Rampant both made fantastic tracks and I'm torn between both, so it's a draw for me. Keep up the great work.



Here is your personal review for round 2 of the NGADM! Keep in mind, this review will be harsher than the round 1 review! I will be poking at songs more in each consecutive round, because it will naturally be more difficult to advance.

The Good:
-Oh my fluffy chords. Your strings are really nice and full in this song. They're incredibly spaced-out, and really fill the mix thoroughly.
-Mixing is a lot better than in the last one. I can't really hear any distortion.
-I actually like the chord change at 1:20 a lot.
-Harmonies are really nice, and overall it sounds very nice.

The Not-So-Good:
-Sadly, even with the fullness, there's a bit of static and mixing issues. Might want to lower the mid frequencies just a tad, or put a compressor on without any makeup gain - that actually can help a LOT with fixing up the mixing of a track.
-There's really not much of any melodic structure in this. Mainly chords. It gets extremely boring throughout it without the melody.
-The choirs coming in at 1:06 is jarring to me, it's very sudden without any buildup right before it.

Overall: It sounds nice, really really fluffy and sweet, but it needs some kind of theme and melody in it - as it is, it gets boring VERY quickly. I'll give it a 6.7/10.

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4.34 / 5.00

Aug 31, 2012
4:25 PM EDT
File Info
5.9 MB
2 min 35 sec

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