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Author Comments

Here we go, Round 2! Do i have what it takes?

Anyway, I made this about 2 days ago. As with round 1, I had made something completely different before moving to this, but this time, it's actually about 4 songs I dropped for this project. I'll get around to compiling those and posting them at a later date.

Hope you enjoy.

Edit: Added stronger kicks, more hats to the main beat.

Edit 2: I wasn't satisfied at all with how empty the middle of this song sounded, so I added strings, brass and some reversed flutes to it. I think it was the right decision.

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Wow is all I can say. This has got to be one of my favorite songs of yours. I never thought it got repetitive. I also didn't hear how it sounded before you edited it, but all I know is it sounds great now. Also, nice synths at 2:49! Very soothing on the ears. I liked the transitions too, they never felt awkward or forced or anything. Nice moment at 3:39. I downloaded it because I like it that much. It makes me want to listen to it again, so I would call that a successful song.


Great melodies and chords backing them! I love the change in pace later, and the hi pass around 2:14 is cool, especially with the clap. I don't think mister clap works well under the cymbal roll at 2:44 though :C

I enjoyed it overall!

NGADM 2 and stuff.

Mellow, pretty, soothing, and overall well done. I was a fan of those mini slides thrown in there on that pluck, added quite a bit of character to the song. I also enjoyed the processed (Reversed it sounds like?) stuff that went on in the background. And the overall feel of the song was very relaxing and easy to listen to.
Unfortunately, I think it suffers a bit from redundancy. While the song does move forward, it's in very, very small steps, and not enough to really differentiate the sections from each other enough to get rid of that nagging, "This is repetitive" thought.

Very pleasing to listen to, but in terms of progression, I felt it was a little lacking. 7.5/10.

That's a very interesting and intriguing intro... reminds me of sound design-oriented stuff like recent Amon Tobin and stuff. It creates a great atmosphere too. The song doesn't get TOO out there before you start adding some sounds with a more traditional tonality though ;) I love how you're able to gradually morph the song into a dancy beat from 1:22 to 1:49.

I didn't particularly enjoy the minute following that too much, since you went where many people have gone before you so to speak, and not much new happened there. Especially the kinda moobahton-ish kick pattern threw me off. Also, while the sounds fit neatly together most of the time, occasionally they feel very random and out of touch with each other - most critically so with the bloopy cheesy 80s synths at 2:45.

I'll soon forgive you for that though, because the thing you do from 3:12 to 4:08 is incredible. The strings and flute feel kinda sampled and nostalgic and amazing and incredible. I just love it. If you had an entire song oriented around that kind of thing I would love it to bits. Maybe you do :o

You have a lot of space and air in the mix, and it definitely suits the song well. No real mixing issues as far as I can hear.

So good one! Definitely one of the most original and fun entries.


This is an NGADM Round 2 Review.


While I don't think this is nearly as good as your Round 1 submission, this is some really neat stuff! Nice work, I'm impressed.

You know, you've got a really awesome habit of taking really little melodic motifs and developing them brilliantly throughout your track. I've never seen it done as well as you do it. That small melodic phrase at the beginning was pretty much the main melody of the whole track but it never got repetitive despite its length because you develop it so well and use it sparingly and resourcefully. And you've got plenty of other really interesting melodic elements such as the alternate melodies on the harp and the part at 4:11. You effortlessly juggle different melodies around to create something fantastically coherent and structured.

Your atmosphere is great too. As BrokenDeck mentioned, there's a very obvious eeriness and space-like atmosphere to this track that makes it so fun to listen to and incredibly easy to visualise something when listening to the music. Transitions were as smooth as ice and I loved both your outro and intro. Your outro wasn't anything special but it still worked well and your intro is just incredible man. I adore that intro. And all those reversed sounds you added gave a lot to the atmosphere. Cool mixing too, nice and clear.

Unfortunately, the primary problem here lies in the fact that your drums are absolutely awful. Sorry to point it out so bluntly but your drum line doesn't work at all. I'm talking about the one at 2:18 mainly. It's repetitive, easily gets annoying and your samples don't sound that nice at all (except that clap thing which comes in at 2:17... that sounds pretty awesome).

The drums were pretty dry and bland overall. I didn't mind the 4-on-the-floor beats but to be honest it's not that hard to mess those up haha. Some of your sounds are also pretty bland and unfitting, such as the sound that comes in at around 0:25. It just doesn't fit with the atmosphere as well as it could've. I was looking for more echoing and reverbed sounds and lush pads to compliment a song like this and I'm really confused why you went for a different approach with more dry, raw-sounding synths.

I'm glad you made it into the competition this year because you're seriously proving to be a worthy competitor. A few issues here and there make me lower your score but none of these aren't fix-able with a bit of work and they're not big enough to really ruin the track. Keep it up dude.



RetromanOMG responds:

Thank you for your thoughts on this song. I understand that I could have made a better choice with the percussion, but I am glad that everything else worked from your perspective.

Well, back to work on Round 3, I guess.

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4.28 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2012
5:29 PM EDT
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5 min 21 sec

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