Chemicals [NGADM]

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This is my entry for round 1 of NGDAM! I'm glad this competition had me writing music. I may add a few more vocal parts later, but deadlines. teehee~

Edit: Wow, thanks for the frontpage exposure NG!

Edit 2: Updated mix! No more bass drum problems <:

From the doubt in our cortex
Rationale is attained;

Repose keeps us afraid
But fear is the chemical gluing our vigilance together

Reason lets us thrive
Use the spectrum in your eyes

From a callow soul comes courage
Naive courage

No God to guide me through this, my nerves quiver steadily, but that means I am free
Now, no longer hollow, but still, I'm just a formula

Oh, our hearts are led astray, but that's okay, for we are just chemicals
Our souls may stay as shallow ponds, but nothing's wrong; we are the universe

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Okay seriously. This makes me feel things I can't feel from any other song. You have such a unique style of music and I never really appreciated your style of music until now. The structure to the song is just amazing. The mixing is just fantastic. You change it up so damn much and composition is just AMAZING. Guitar solos and vocals with harmony. EVERYTHING changes up every 10 seconds. The chords are just so freaking awesome, the singing is smooth. Everything just pops out at me and it's all just a roller coaster of awesome emotions.

The intro just leaves me in such mystery. It sets a unique and mellow tone for the song. The effect you put on it feels very metallic which fits very well with the name of the song "Chemical". Drum production altogether throughout this song is just incredible. I will most likely be constantly praising it throughout this review. They have to be live recorded, they are just too damn amazing and well mixed. Tons of drum fills and nice diversity of use with the high hat and timing with the solo at the start. The rhythm is awesome as well. The guitar is just so awesome and mellow in the beginning, i can't get over it. That tuned percussion instrument is freaking awesome too. Really brings on the "Chemicals" feel.

All of the guitar fills and solos are just so freaking awesome. Your vocal harmonies are incredible. You are clearly comfortable with your voice and have a lot of talent. You also have a nice scream at 2:12. It doesn't just come out of no where and it comes in slowly and steadily to where it almost sneaks up on you. It's weird but I love it. I love how you manage to make this song so epic and diverse, while giving it a mellow/chill feel the entire time. Again, drums are still amazing as I listen to the song more and more and get further into the song.

This song is so freaking ambitious and incredible. I can literally feel your mindset and emotions when you created this song it's so powerful. (maybe not that much but you get what I mean :P) The effects that you use in the song (along with the intro on the drums) are freaking awesome. Panning effects and all are just amazing. My favorite has to be the 2:27. I can't even wrap my head around what exactly you did right there and how you pulled it off to make it sound so damn good. But it's DAMN good. That is one thing you do extremely well in this song. You change it up in ways where you would expect it. It starts off with a surprise, then you do something else which I wouldn't expect in the song, and then along comes something else that is even more awesome. And the how often you change up the song as I listen just makes me wonder what else you could possibly do that could top that, and with that pattern that you have been following of outdoing yourself, you keep on managing to do so. Which only makes me more excited as I listen for what could happen next.

The transitions in this song are beautiful. You manage to build an entire part up so much and so well in such a little amount of time in just one melody or part. Some composers it takes the entire 4 minute song to build it up all the way. (funny because this song just makes me feel stupid because I have done this before). It obviously does depend on the song and the feelings you are going for, where a four minute song that builds the entire time is a huge progression that happens for a long amount of time. But this might be 10 times as awesome because that emotion of the build is brought in what seems like 100 times.

The part at 3:37 shows an incredible build again. The chords are just beautiful and work together all so well. I'm starting to wonder if you have any bad ideas. I know this entire review I have just been only speaking praise, but this song just has everything. Freddy Mercury from Queen with Bohemian Rhapsody did some brilliant things like playing with piano wire and combining different songs together that would never work with flawless transitions. And I think you do what Freddy did PERFECTLY. But anyways, the part at 3:37 sounds like it should be the ending of the song, and I would normally say that if I hadn't listened to the entire song and you go even bigger with the ending.

The ending is just incredible. The combination of the drums and guitar in sync with each other with the long legato singing notes are just awesome. I have nothing else to say about it. The chords again are amazing. It's just wow. The way you manage to transition from something so epic to something so relaxing and calm like at 5:55. instead of going big and then dropping, you let the vocals go big, and then the drums slowly chill out a bit. Great idea.

Again, I know I gave nothing but praise for this song, but it's true. The only thing I might say is that the vocals can sound weak at some points. But that's only if I HAVE to. And absolutely HAVE to say one thing I don't like about this piece. Just honestly incredible work. You get 5 stars, a favorite, a download and author favorite from me. Amazing work.


Kor-Rune responds:

Oh my goodness, thank you for all the kind words, I've never smiled this much at a review. I'm very glad you feel so strongly about this, people like you inspire me to keep creating, thank you for your feedback! I do really appreciate your words, very moving. I'm going to continue to do my best to write more music. Thank you again!

The first time I listened to this song (last year) I didn't really get it. I listened to it off and on every few months, but it still didn't really click. I think something about the use of chords makes it hard to grasp onto for a dude like me who doesn't listen to much jazz.

Anyway, I just want to check in to say that I listened to it today and my mind was blown.

10/10, easy.

Kor-Rune responds:

Omg thank you johnfn, I appreciate the listen and review on this oldie c: congrats on your win!

Seems a sort of jazz-metal song. I must learn more English words to describe how much I love this piece, I think you used every instrument at its best. You make me want to buy a guitar only to play those riffs while I'm listening to this song! :)

Awsome! Love that crazy guitar action!! Keep it up :D

Honestly my favorite of yours, hard to make it better, I like how it goes, all of it, it's definitely not all over the place, or at least, that makes it superior.

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Aug 15, 2012
8:05 AM EDT
General Rock
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