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~SW~ Moon Lake in the Sun

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WARNING: This song may make you extremely happy. It also may get stuck in your head for an extended period of time. In the case that you did not want to be happy or have a great tune stuck in your head, the maker of this song takes no responsibility for these effects. In the case that you like the effects that this song may induce, however, the maker of the song will gladly take responsibility and a payment of peanut butter cookies with whole chocolate milk.

Also, this song sounds really irish to me. I have no idea how I managed to do that. I'd have entered it in the RAC, but looking at the rules, I doubt I'd have done well at all. :D Of course, I thought all this after thinking: "Fuck, I'm late for the summer NAC, I could have won that."

Anyway. Hope you enjoy this! It was made for a downloadable game, which I will post a link to once it's done. ...if it gets made, I have no idea when it'll be done or if it'll be finished at all. But I certainly hope it will be made!


Okay, if you're reading this I assume you already heard the song. Now, here's a question. Did you notice that only the percussion instruments were not soundfonts? Everything else was a soundfont. Actually, there is ONE percussion effect that's a soundfont... if you can find that, then I will give you an entire pizza and quart of ice cream.

Good luck! :D

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Love the "upbeatiness" of the song, i usually don't really like happy songs but you really had an amazing piece and must be praised!
You use a lot of instruments and the mixing is obviously really good, the instruments shine on their own without having others on top making them disappear, they also sound very good and natural the only one i have to say does not make me as fulfilled as the others in the bass that starts at 01:10, i dont really like how it sounds, the notes it is playing on the other hand are really cool.
This is a piece that would be hard to brand as boring not only for being just a bit over 2 minutes but also because it transforms itself constantly and innovates more than a few times, if you wanted this would probably become a "boring free" 5 minute song.
So here it goes 4.5/5, i cant complain about the composition,mixing or even the song itself its all wonderful, its just my personal taste for "sadness" that prevents me from enjoying this as a 5.
Amazing work once again SkyeWintrest!!

As usual, I am thoroughly impressed by your work here on the Audio Portal. I absolutely love the up-beat and happy feeling that this song has to it, indeed. The string section towards the middle was a nice edition as well, I must admit.

I don't really have any complaints for this one. It seems all very so nice, and I honestly couldn't help but be reminded of the Zelda games when listening to it. It seems like a theme that would suit the clock town section of the game very nicely. Either way, as usual I love the song, it was well done, and this time it has a very happy tone. I love the variation you have in the themes for these songs.

Keep up the good work!

:: Review Request Club ::

This does sounds very Irish. :D Nut nice work!

SkyeWint responds:

Heya! Thank you! ...I really don't know how I managed to make it sound irish. xD It just did.

Excellent work on this!

for some reason though, the flute soundfont sounded a bit low-quality to me compared to the rest of it... still very enjoyable. The only other thing that I noticed was the lack of a harp. What sinfulness! XD

if you feel up to adding to it, throw in a harp gliss or two... they're cliche, but used often in "Orch-irish" stuff.

Once again, great work on this. *gives payment of peanut butter cookies and whole chocolate milk... virtual of course*

SkyeWint responds:

Good morning! Up late listening to irish music, are we?

"the flute soundfont sounded a bit low-quality to me compared to the rest of it..."
Now that's odd. I thought the two flute sounds I had used sounded nice... oh well. That was possibly because they were both in each ear, so less realistic than most. I love flutes though. xD

"if you feel up to adding to it, throw in a harp gliss or two"
Sure, I might do a bit of that. ^_^

"Once again, great work on this. *gives payment of peanut butter cookies and whole chocolate milk... virtual of course*"
YES. Thankies! :D

And since you didn't say it...

Keep composed(ing)!

Nice song overall. Did indeed sound very Irish. And you get +1 for Tubular bells. Love 'em.

Yes, I did notice that they were sound fonts. They have that certain "same sample" feel that most do. Still, they were very well mixed. And I can definitely tell it was made for a game. It has sort of a Legend of Zelda feel to it.

But, you still get a 5/5 from me mostly because of the overall composition (and let's not forget those tubular bells) but also because I really enjoyed listening to it. I'm sure I'll be humming it all day tomorrow.

Cheers and Happy Songwriting,

SkyeWint responds:

Heya! Thanks!

"And you get +1 for Tubular bells."
I don't use tubular bells that much, but yeah, they're definitely a really cool instrument. :P

"They have that certain "same sample" feel that most do."
True that, a lot of soundfonts have just a few samples - though actually, if you listen closely, most soundfonts are multiple samples, which is probably why the ones that have drumsets are larger than others (multiple samples for each drum - velocity changes). I try to vary the velocity on instruments along with adding in tiny trills so they sound more realistic than they would otherwise. :)

"I'm sure I'll be humming it all day tomorrow."
Catchy tune is catchy. ;)

"Cheers and Happy Songwriting,
Thanks, and the same to you!

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Aug 14, 2012
8:58 PM EDT
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