Fjaellpolska [RAC7]

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edit: wow, this got featured! Guess that was part of getting 3rd in the competition. As a thank you to newgrounds, I took down one of my AJ items so I could upload it to newgrounds instead: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/506956

This is my submission for the seventh RAC (Represent A Country) competition! Essentially, you choose a country, and try to represent it through music. I ended up choosing Sweden, my own country.

When planning this track, I wanted to write a polska to base it off. The polska is a dance common in Scandinavia (and to some extent, Finland) in 3/4 meter, with the 1st and 3rd beats usually being the strongest - the dance steps are also on these beats in most variants of the dance, while the turn is typically made with steps on all beats.

There are a multitude of variants of the polska, both the dance itself and the music accompying it. I chose to write a triolpolska ("tuplet polska"), which is very common in the region Jaemtland where I'm from - it's also common in Norway, which is right on the border of Jaemtland. As the name implies, the material is largely based around tuplets. Many triolpolskor also feature heavy syncopation, but the one in this track is pretty mild in that regard. Most polska are fairly simple in form, usually being made up of two 8-bar sections, which are both repeated. The whole form is then usually repeated again. The polska in this track is no exception in formwise simplicity, but a third part is added in at the end as the climax of the track. All this said, there are of course more advanced and longer polskas around than the one in this track!

A little further reading about the polska: http://en.wikipedia.org/w iki/Polska_%28dance%29
(sorry for the wiki article, but there's very few good sources online, especially in English!)

With the polska I aimed to capture the traditional Swedish music - but when integrating it with the orchestra, I also tried to capture the desolate, majestic and ancient feel of the Scandinavian mountains. I also envisioned the track as an ever-lasting crescendo, in order to give it a hypnotic, almost meditative feel, hopefully somewhat akin to dancing. My goal was to, through the means of ever-expanding orchestration and increasing harmonic rythm, gradually increase the intensity of the track, until finally the orchestra drops out at the very end, giving room for the solo violin and flute as sole melodic instruments to end the piece with a more traditional feel to it.

The title, "Fjaellpolska", simply means "Mountain polska" - the Scandinavian mountains being the theme of the track.

If you like it, feel free to vote and add to favorites - publicity for the track is part of how this years RAC is judged ;)

And a final note, here's a link to the contest:
http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/1314127/1

Update - I got my dad, a folk musician, to play & record an adaption of the polska in this track - check it out:

https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=qKVFvnbOW7Q


A very thoughtful piece, I really like it :) Good luck with the contest!

My criticisms:
I honestly haven't got much bad to say about the piece as it is pretty wonderful! The only things I've noticed that you could do differently, and this is only from personal opinion, are:
- Have the background instruments play a bigger role during the build up to around the 2 minute 20 mark. So after the main melody is introduced, have the instrument fall off to the background for a bit, making it quieter and bringing in the other instruments for a while and then reintroduce it later, combined with all the other instruments, to give it a greater effect.
- You could introduce another fun instruments before the 2 minute 20 mark to add some variety, perhaps something like a harpsichord or something more fitting and have it play some melodies while the main instrument takes a seat in the background.

Its quite good.. gives the "Narnia" feel :D
I loved the violin part, and to quote Mr. Vlaireice32989
"It is one of a kind"
I really like it :D
Have a look at my submission too for RAC 7
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/498797

descara responds:

Thanks! Will do :)

Great, love the sound !
Nice touch with the brass at the end sir

descara responds:

Thank you! I wanted to get some sweet horns in there before the ending ;)

I feel goosebumps on this one. It can be used in computer games with the theme such as of TESV: Skyrim. All instruments sound so realistic, from the fading in of instruments to changing of notes. I hope you'll bag the 1st prize for the competition since your musical piece is one of a kind.

descara responds:

Thanks for the encouragement! Worked a fair bit on the programming, especially on the solo violin. Glad to hear it payed off!

Very nice. sounds like a background to a big Hollywood ancient battle movie. Keep it up!

descara responds:

Thanks, will do :P

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