Breath of Air

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Well then, spending more than a day on a song actually gets you somewhere. Who would've guessed?

Still have a lot to learn though. Since I focus on both Classical and Electronic genres, I can't improve on both at the same time. (or can I? 0.o)


I can think of two things while listening to this: one is the amount of effort that you've no doubt spent in making the song, and the other is the movie 'Big Fish.'

I can tell you really liked using bells, as it is definitely the dominant instrument throughout the whole song. You actually sorta mask Danny Elfman in some parts in the song (without the repetitive arrangements). Although I like bells, I felt as though this song may have overemphasized them and I would have liked to have heard the piano taking lead more often; I felt as though the glockenspiel was overpowering the piano quite a bit. Also at 3:05, the piano is playing a curious melody, but it is too low to be truly appreciated. So basically to make a long story short, increase the piano's volume! You are really expressing your talent with these wonderful melodies!

The addition of the flute at around 2:34 was excellent and it came at exactly the right moment. The song took a turn towards light drama, and I do hope you make more like this in the near future. Everything about this song is beautiful, and since I never focus on the quality of samples or the instruments, I can truly appreciate the composition skill in which you're expressing with this track. Also, maybe you should try to blend electronic with classical for your next masterpiece? Maybe make something neo-orchestral (which is the genre I stick to the most and which I love).

Overall, you are a master. 5 Votus from Bosa Brutus.

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So, you asked me to review this, let's he- holy crap those are nice strings. Now I WANT to review this. Initiate review NOW.

-You spent more than a day on this! Good good. It shows almost immediately.
-I LOVE that percussion in the beginning, and at 0:15 and 0:21. Where did you get it? Because it's really nice.
-The strings are very nice-sounding in audio quality, though they could be improved a little bit. Sounds a bit like KKSlider60's strings, actually.
-Speaking of strings, their melodies are quite nice.
-Actually, check that. ALL the melodies are nice.
-The climactic hits at 0:51, 1:28, and 2:33 are very well-done, though I do have one nitpick with them that I'll get to later.

-First, since I was just talking about the climactic hits, I'll poke at them rather than compliment them this time. The first and second ones are alright, but the second and third are practically identical (or at least, without not knowing the patterns it sounds like that). This is mostly due to the melodies being extremely similar.
-Putting this in a separate bullet since it's kinda different. One important thing that classical songs do is change the melody, having at least two "themes" that sound obviously different. This can be done by using a different instrument, which makes it more obvious even if the themes themselves are similar in style, but if it's the same instrument, the second theme should be more different in style than the original one.
-The piano could be brought out a bit more at around 0:51, it's hard to hear.
-As much dynamic variance as there is in this song, it's very similar throughout, and sounds pretty much like the same thing. It IS a lot more variable than the other songs of yours that I've heard, fortunately, so that's good. As I said, the extra effort you spent on this shows.
-Damnit, there's no outro. Songs *need* outros rather than sounding like they just
end and obviously were using patterns.

Overall: I like it, it's a lot better than your previous works, though you do still have a lot to work on. :) The repetitiveness, the mixing, and your dynamics, mainly. The mixing isn't too bad, honestly - just some level work so everything can be heard.


P.S. I made a cool classical-ish song too that sounds surprisingly irish. :D Mind poking at it yourself? http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/498854

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papkee responds:

Yeah, I'd guess that it's a bit repetitive. I write classical music like I write House, which basically repeats itself with slight variation. As for the mixing, I'm sure I need work on it. I did take out some mids on the samples, though, like you said, although the Violin at the beginning still bugs me. As for the outro, I agree. Most of my songs lack them.

Thanks again for reviewing and you have proven once again that people have right to call you a Review God.

I see that your libraries are a bit old but who fu***g cares??
Very beautiful composition, I hear romance and magic everywhere! :D

my only criticism is... just try not to quantize a lot, mostly on the celesta or glockenspiel parts :)

Beautiful work man!

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papkee responds:

Well, they're not old, they're just soundfonts. I had to search high and low for some decent sounding ones, but the result was worth it. Thanks!

Wow. This is incredible! :D This sounds like music I'd find in a movie somewhere. XD Good job. :)

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