King Samulis

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King Samulis was a noble man of great wealth and ambition. His power could be felt throughout the chaotic world of war and terror. His herald would sound great trumpets to declare nations conquered under the king. The illustrious Samulis, master of men, behold the glory!

As the day ends, King Samulis prepares his army for another honorable slaughter of Bosanian villagers. But this time, the Bosanians under Lord Bosa the Odorless are preparing to take up arms against the divine right of King Samulis.

What punishment shall be fit for such insolence against King Samulis the Great?

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Really cool stuff, the first minute reminds me a bit of the fanfare associated with Star Wars. "Imperial City" from the Shadows of the Empire OST in particular came to mind in the beginning measures. The remaining 45 secs sound almost foreign, yet fitting with the first minute. The transition really fits well with the last part of the story. A good cliffhanger-like feel.

I like.


Bosa responds:

Thank you, sir. I hope you continue listening to my music.


Bosa responds:

Indeed. I thank thee.

I love what you can do with your samples. You know how they all sound and feel together and make them sound wonderful together. However, this song sort of had a "demo feel to it", it didn't really develop any definable leitmotif to me, and the 1:00 minute part sounded like a completely different song compared to what the start presented it as. However the section immediately after that reminded me of Respighi's "Pines of Rome" in his ever rising use of horns. Great job as usual! :)

This track makes me fear for my life.

Seriously, you did a great job composing a piece that stimulates imagery and a story in the listeners mind. From start to finish, it bombarded me with imagery in an unrelenting manner. I was also very impressed by the sounds you used, everything sounded very natural and very epic, nothing sounded overly sampled, and the entire thing flowed together perfectly.
I was also greatly impressed with the near perfect mood switch right near the beginning.
The percussion I also found very well done, and really added that "To War!" vibe to the piece.

As for complaints, I did notice a little clipping here and there. The only other really noticeable thing I have to complain about really was at 1:04, it sounded like the choir cut out in the middle of the phrasing every so often, as if there was a randomly placed breathe point in phrase.

Overall, freaking epic, and I very much enjoyed it. 8.5/10.

Bosa responds:

Thank you, my good sir. Yeah, those little clipping points are hard to notice for me (I don't know if I'm deaf or what). I'll really try to not make the same mistakes next time I release a song.

The impact that the song made on you is exactly what I was going for. It took me a long time, but this song has finally found a use for itself here on Newgrounds.

I will just make this short/brief and straight to the point because I tried to read the other reviews... my brain started to heart

The song is EPIC let's just leave it at that
PS seems alittle to brief if possible a longer version?

Bosa responds:

Perhaps in the future. But don't worry, you're not alone... I don't quite understand them either.

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Aug 8, 2012
2:43 AM EDT
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