Outside the Atmosphere

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Here's my Round 1 entry for the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch contest.

[As far as genre goes, Miscellaneous is the best option I'm given for this. Most of it's piano and strings, but there are some aspects of electronica.]

I'm really psyched to be part of this contest. I hope you like the track!

Additional description available in my response to johnfn's review. I won't crowd up the description for those who may not want to bother with something lengthy.


That piano-to die for.
I love tht.
The intro is perfect, that cello i believe that's what it is, is quiet but beautiful
Then to the synths, love em,.
Great song, awesome work!

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OpenLight responds:

Thanks! I appreciate the review

I loved the melody at the start of the song. Good use of the piano. Although there were problems with the mixing (that main synth is too loud IMO) it distracted very little for the overall composition.

Jesus Christ I love pianos in my music.

The chorus is pretty sweet from right off the bat. And as mentioned before, choosing a piano was pretty awesome. Though I think you could've done more with the background sounds, and that the melody does seem to become repetitive, this is really not able to stand over the atmosphere (nice song title btw) of the song if you were listening casually.

1:48 is just great. Just to slip that in there.

I'm not a big fan of the drums near the end. (RetromanOMG's music taught me of the importance of extremely chill drums.)

In general, your music relied a little on the melody without enough compensation of background variation. This isn't a necessarily thing, but what you're making now is majorly more difficult than in 2010. It's an 8/10 for me, because I feel like no matter what others say you did what you could. 6 minutes long.... how do you even do it...

Well, enough from us. You've probably heard enough about this song. Work on making your next song chill as possible, and try to piece together reviews of both this work and previous ones to perfect... everything.

Good luck, man.

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Unique... I like it. Mixing a classical type feel with electronic music I think was a great idea, and not enough people do this.
I was quite fond of the pianos progression and how it interacted with the electronic instruments, it felt very natural. And that synth at 3:36, while short lived... Fantastic, if slightly biting.

Complaints... Drums... they're very dry, and contrasts in a bad way with the rest of the song. I also wasn't really fond of how you mixed the piano, it sounded like you ran it through a retro loudspeaker or something, sounded grainy and underwhelming, which was a shame because it really was the main focus for the majority of the song, and it just didn't seem to be seated properly into the song.

So, yeah... I like the idea behind this song, mixing up a piano with electronic instruments, and it didn't sound horrible. Mixing could've been better however. 7/10.

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OpenLight responds:

Thanks for the review! Hopefully my next track is better.

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


This track has some really good ideas, some decent ideas, and a fair amount of bad ideas. Some of your piano melodies are honestly fantastic, but the synth parts are unfortunately not cutting it. Still, I can't say I didn't enjoy the track as a whole. Good job with it.

So, what I absolutely adore in this track would be the intro's melody. Not that I dislike all the other composition in this track but I think that melody really stands out above the rest. Some of your other melodies are pretty impressive too. 1:48 has a great melody, for instance. I also like how at the end you played the left hand's accompaniment in a calm setting and then introduced the right hand's melody later on. Transitions are all smooth, especially at around 3:05 where you re-introduce that melody. That was a really good idea, and worked very well with the melody before it. Great supporting melodies/chords too, even if they were a bit simple.

Having said that, I'm sure you've noticed that all of the parts I've mentioned so far that stand out to me are the piano parts. The synth parts unfortunately sound very annoying and lack the warm and intricate texture of the piano parts. That square lead got really obnoxious after a while, and by 3:35 it was really getting on my nerves :P. It just didn't fit with the piano that well. In addition, the drums have too much kick to them and get very repetitive after a while.

Speaking of repetitive, I think you hold on to melodies for a bit too long, in particular the piano melodies. For example, when you repeated the intro's melody again towards the end of the track it started to feel far too overused as it just kept on repeating without much variation at all. The only variation I heard to the intro's melody was at around 4:07 which sounded pretty uninspired, and even then was repeated too much in itself. That, coupled with the fact that you don't have many instruments and the instruments don't fit well with each other makes this track unappealing, especially since you stretch it out for a whole 6 minutes when it barely has enough content to last for 3 minutes. This is a real shame because some of the melodies have tonnes of potential.

In a nutcase, you've got some impressive melodies in here, but it's sadly a pretty repetitive track overall that needs touching up in various places. This track has heaps of potential though, perhaps a revisit will do wonders to this track!



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OpenLight responds:

I agree about the intro melody being repetitive. The reason I used it at the end and in the middle was because I had been told by a few people that I should do so.

Thanks for the review!

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