Warwick League of Legends

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I'd like to thank League of Legends for introducing me to some VERY interesting characters and voices.

I'd like to apologize to its fans for not actually playing the game, but still bastardizing the characters with my voice anyway.

All I ask is that when I die, you remember me for who I lied to you about and said I was, and not for who I actually was and the things I really did.

Anyway, no editing on this one, I swear. Hard to believe I could be this bad without SFX.

Anybody else read Sharp Teeth? Some bitch made me read it. Good book though. What a whore.

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It is a good voice,probably gonna give you a role in a Halloween flash or a creepy flash.
You got potential sir!

Gianni responds:

"Potential" eh? It itches. I think I caught it from that one whore. The pretty one with the bad teeth.

Thank you for the review!

Considering I never played the game as well as not knowing anything about voice acting, I should be over-qualified to leave a critique here.

I thought, with all honesty, you mimicked the English version rather well. Good job.

End of the most useful critique ever.

Gianni responds:

When people say good things about me, I don't question the legitimacy of their claims.

When they say bad things, it's time for everybody in their bloodline to be under-qualified to speak.

Thank you! <3

Very good. It hurt's the throat, does it not?

Gianni responds:

There are some voices that can hurt the throat if you do it wrong, this is one of those. "Doing it right" is a bit tricky and really just requires practice, but the bottom line is that if you can feel pain, you're hitting it wrong. Also usually, it SOUNDS worse when it hurts despite what the hardcore motherfucker in you wants to believe.

Thankfully I don't think anyone's stupid enough to actually want THIS voice since it's so cheesy and dumb (which is why I did this for fun, plus I did this poorly), so I don't need to worry about it, because I'll admit, this one is really easy for me to do wrong.

Nothing in this 35 seconds of audio, hurt me. That, mind you, is not including the five minutes of me going "Fuck, that's not it!"

But the truth is I just did this to see if I could imitate that guy really quick right after hearing the files on YouTube. At first I had no intention of even uploading, but I was like "Eh, I don't have any fans and if I did, they would know that I don't have standards."

Thank you for the review!

As always... very awesome. I can't say it sounds COMPLETELY IDENTICAL, but it's VERY close and definitely much better than probably almost anyone else around here can do so... here is my 5 stars for you.

Gianni responds:

The thing about Warwick is that, as far as I can tell, he doesn't have editing or SFX on his voice. So I'm impressed with the VA, because he's right there alongside totally badass demons and stuff with intense audio effects on their voices, but he's just raw.

Not that those other VA's aren't good, they're great of course. But the SFX help boost them into even more awesomeness. I give this same compliment to other characters without SFX in that game.

Go listen to the Portuguese Warwick files. If you don't speak the language (like me), he sounds like a demon's possessed him. That remark may sound provincial, but it was my honest first thought. And it is indeed a compliment. Dogs spend their nights wishing they could growl as good as this guy.

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Aug 4, 2012
6:33 PM EDT
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