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This is the instrumental version of our previously submitted song which can be found at -


Make sure to check it out if you haven't listened to it yet and give us some feedback! We'd love if you could take the time to let us know what you think! :3

Enjoy the song!


Can't decide I enjoy this version or the one with vocals better... so I downloaded both :)

I feel that the one with vocals is better for casual listening -- fyri's voice is easy to latch onto. But this version is better with headphones on and nothing to distract me, as there are just that much more small details to take in.

So yeah, great collab. Look forward to more great work from you all.

Shanath responds:

Yeah, I agree, which is why we uploaded both versions. There's a lot of little details here and there you won't be able to get if you just listen to the vocal version.

Glad you enjoyed!

Ah, this is really nice. It's super relaxing, then gets super groovy. Great job.

reminds me of the game okami....
....good times:)

Hey, I've taken the time to listen to both versions a dozen times. I cannot say I really like one over the other. The instrumental version is beautiful on its own. The rises is the music are my favorite part, I get swept away, my heart races and I just feel excited. Then the music keeps pace, but the electric guitar seems out of place. ^^" Yeah, you all must of heard that one a lot... Perhaps Buoy could try Acoustic guitar instead of Electric. Just a personal opinion there.

OH! Almost forgot you all did capture the Okami style in the music and well. I've never heard the song in the game but instantly knew where it came from! I'd love to see what else you all can produce when working together. I'd say this project was a success! ^^

Shanath responds:

Thanks reviewing both versions! :3 I honestly can't pick one over the other either as they both are pretty unique on their own.

As for the electric guitar a few people have said it does seem kind out of place with this style of song but I think it was a pretty unique way of giving the track more oomph. The electric/acoustic combo going on also helps. :3

Why did people give this a 3.92? I thought it was 4.2something the other day. Perhaps either someone doesn't like Buoy (whose works seem to have been blamed recently), or there's a group running amok blaming everything that isn't dubstep/techno/dance/dnb. Who knows.

I would give this 4.10 out of 5 at minimum. 4.20 if I'm generous. I mean, there's nothing particularly wrong with this piece. My only (and minor) complaint is that it doesn't seem to have it's own artistic sound. There's nothing here that I can genuinely say belongs to this or that artist. I don't think there's anything wrong with that; not only do other songs without a unique artistic sound get 4.whatever on a regular basis, but sometimes those songs are actually good.

(Ok, maybe the electric guitar was a bit much, but I've seen it work in other similar songs)

Overall, a good song. Not amazing, but good.

P.S. I did vote a 5 on it to try and offset the 3.92.

Shanath responds:

Score seems to have evened out since this review, though I did notice quite a bit of zero-bombs during the time this song was first uploaded. Either way thanks for the review and for trying to help with the score. It's very much appreciated.

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4.53 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2012
2:01 PM EDT
Video Game
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