Dreams of Promise

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A short classical-sounding menu theme. I tried to make it airy and light, perhaps dreamy and uplifting, but I've been told it sounds somewhat elegiac. Which it does, I guess. I just wasn't intending on that being the overall theme. Ah well.


First off, you really have to get new strings. There's more than decent-sounding free soundfonts, take a look around the audio forum and/or google for a bit and you should be able to find some.

A little about the composition:

It has its qualities, especially the first piano section. The chromatic movement is very well done - however, chromatic, falling lines like these are hardly uplifting! Still, a nice touch, and it does give the track that airy, dreamy feel you talked about, just not in an uplifting way.

The beginning is too thinly orchestrated - it really needs something to glue it together, as the arpeggio strings can hardly stand on their own. Something as simple as long, sustained notes, either in a low or high register would really enhance it.

In the middle section, where the arpeggio stops, the track loses much of its momentum, though this wouldn't be that bad for the first few measures if the piano could be heard more. Again, the orchestration here is very thin and rather unconvincing - add notes in the strings to fill out the texture!

One last note - the track is very, very quiet. It doesn't have to be super-loud, and of course there should never be clipping, but it certainly should be louder than this! You can always compare to other, similar tracks to get a hint of where it should be.

I hope you aren't put of by the critique, but rather that you can take some of it with you to your next track and keep on improving. You clearly have some good musical ideas, which really is the most important part!

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SmashedFish responds:

Alright, sorry for the slow response- things have been busy, and even when they haven't, all that's pretty overwhelming to someone who knows next to nothing of musical composition. Regardless, though, I am immensely thankful that you've taken the time to write such an in-depth criticism out. I've a question about it, though- regarding the soundfont, how might I get a new one with Anvil Studio, or should I get a new midi editor altogether?

The melody is good...perhaps use some different plugins though, because the strings could be more realistic?

SmashedFish responds:

Agreed, come to think of it. Not fully sure how to use new instruments in Anvil, but I'll look around.

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