Enlightened by the Night

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Very basic and simple loop, nothing extraordinary. Let's hope the next one is better :D



wow, nice long loop! I love nice long loops.

Nice bass work, simple, yet effective.

My favourite part of this song would have to be 0:31-0:40, that short segment, was very moving to me. Melodic works there were like awesome, but even more awesome at 0:57-1:11, and not because I love the strings so much it makes me biased beyond words, but because I geniuenely felt that the melodic works those strings contributed to that segment made it something new and interesting.

It does loop pretty well, I have no qualms with that.

The intro was quite nice, nice echo effect, really gives it a celestial feel.

I guess thats all I have to say for this song General_Leo

5/5 from me, keep them coming.

LoneEagle responds:

Well now, i actually had to go and play this song in windows media player to see about the special time segments that you mentionned :)

Between 0:31 and 0:40 into the song... the part with the organs playing, yea it's a nice part. It's kind of like a long transition part. I had listened to songs on the radio at work and i listened at how the song was made, how did the "pros" managed these soft transitions and how do they arrange their patterns. That little segment is an exemple of that. I started the song doing, excuse my terminology but you use FL too so you'll know what i mean, i did 2 identical patterns with a lenght of 3, the intro. Then 2 more almost identical patterns of legnth 3. Then... lol this is getting long hehe, i did this one pattern (0:31-0:40) before switching back to 2 identical patterns just before the string part...
Anyways that's that... just wanted to say where i got the idea and all...

Yea my goal was to try and keep it interesting as much as possible as you mentioned with the strings. And also right after that part, i kind of have the same melody playing over and over but everytime i changed the instrument, trying to keep it diverse.

Loops are easier cause you don't have to make intro/outro, just get it over with and it starts over anew where you left it...

I don't really like this piece so much... i just submitted it here cause it would have been a waste of time to work on something and not share it... and it's not because i don't like it that others won't like it as well.

Ok, i'm done typing now lol. Thanks for reviewing this song Maestro!


Yay, 6/8 time! I absolutely LOVE electronic music in anything other then 4/4 time. Very nice work.

LoneEagle responds:

Haha thanks man :D

Thanks a bunch for the reviews that you left me, i'll make sure to check your stuff when i get a chance to.


This sounds like it could have come striaght out of Shinobi (as if you couldn't tell from the header). I must say this is has a certain charm, a la early 90's that I so enjoy. Let's fix that low score, shall we?

LoneEagle responds:

Is shinobi a manga cartoon? That's what i'm guessing.

Thanks for voting this one back up a little... i got zeroed by some people after i was on the weekly top 5 (woop).

This ain't one of best tracks, i think it's not one of my good tracks at all but i just think that it's always worth it to put a song on here if i put some effort in it. Don't really know what i'm trying to say here... meh oh well.

Thanks for reveiwing my stuff man.


I can see why people would like this track, i liked about 50 % of it a lot but the rest was a bit...undercooked? The beat and and the up-down-up-down-up-down melody thing i didnt really like, i liked the string pulling sound (i think thats it anyway). Sory for the crap review but this track really left me in contrasts.
like : hate sort of thing.

LoneEagle responds:

Yea this is really a low quality song and the effect is kind of doubled because the song that i released just before this one was good so you could have been expecting something better or equal. But alas this is just a little loop that i thought would be better to share with the world than just to have completed it and sleeping somewhere in the dephts of C: ... :D

Thanks for the review.



Took me two measures to get the groove right, but thats good, made me lsiten harder =)

Very groovy, I started bobbin my head almost instantely when I got the groove. I love the FX you threw on the plucked, and the little harmonic stirngs and the little fluteish type thing sound great. But theres something in that melody that has a sour note? =/

Other than that one note, I am really impressed. You sure can write some nice calming groovy loops =D Keep it up! (oh, and it also loops very good!)

LoneEagle responds:

Yup this one loops very well i tried something and it worked but it didn't work that well for the other song "Betrayed by the Shadows".

Hmmm, listening to it again i think that i have spotted that sour note that you are talking about. Although it isn't that big of a deal i'll try and be more careful next time so it doesn't happen again.

"Nice calming groovy loop =D" why thanks, i'll take that as a compliment.

As we speak right now i am not in the making of any new songs but of course i'll be "keeping it up". I just love to make music and i feel that i am getting better with each song that i make (if you listen to my first submission you'll see what i'm talking about :D

Thanks for reviewing.

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May 5, 2006
5:42 PM EDT
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