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Bi-polar to survive

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Author Comments

Nce beat, i had to put sum bipolar thoughts on it
Beat is b benjadaninja- http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/489993

\If ya need a minute just to mellow down i understand
Lookin at the options that you hold inside each of our hands
Theres two different paths, rage or you could go on with a cool mind
Rememberin the sum of our actions could make you do time

*But then the world kicks you down and it spit right in our face
It's a test to make your shell harder, keep you in the race
If you did'nt win you better have gone on in wit tha tuffest
Cuz if you couldn't keep it 100 then you just nuthin
slummin through pain and drain they callin it poverty
My poetrys my only possession and thats honestly
Off of me, demons an devils that want my soul dead
Been through so much shit in 24, a young Old head

\I had to raise myself up,so I wouldn't be hopeless
And sumtimes I didn't even know where my home is
Layin my head where they sold cocaine and meth
And whenever the cops come you would just hope for the best
SlowlY progress, made it where I had my own spot too
Had me some money, if we was cool then i would spot you
But always when you try to do good then they send evil|
And then I got a pumpkin head from trustin wrong people

*it made me come back tougher and stronger, you aint phase me
Damn if ya run your lil games and try to play me
Hell naw i ain die from it, i'ma only strive from it
While you wallow in the dust and filth im on a high sumit
Mind runnin quicker, makes me slick to dodge the obsticles
And spy you from a mile off, if you are dishonorable
I know that you'r nominal, my characters phenominal
your never gonna keep me from scribein another chronicle

\chapters and pages add, I make my decissions
It's like the good and bad angels on my shoulders have collissions
Intermission, and interpretations, it's a cataclsym
Cuz i never know to greet you with a handshake or schism
how im livin is a struggle cuz my trust is surely waneing some
I don't know if i should have you in or bust your cranium
If you got altrerior motives you better hold it sun
ever since the last time i got rolled, i've been holdin one

**I'm about to use it if you make a shady move dude
you are just the prey, im a predator, consume you
Doom to the ones want to try to give me doom first
you can come around when im angry,well see whose through first
Not a hesitation, hospital, incarceration-
and poppin at ya lip willl just fuel my acceleration
No time for deliberatein, i'm rollin on an instinct
If your comein for what I have got i'll make you minced meat

/The green is always grassier, the cups half spilled
I'm schooled in gangsternometry sumbodys gettin killed
Shorts and and losses aint a custom im accustomed to
you can pry my cold dead hands if you can get em to
Thats if you can kill me first, What would have ou feelin worse
is Know that i'm better wit the tool and i can peel it first
try it if you wanna loose. tell ya what i'm gonna do
Give you just a second to live before i murder you

***Many want your hard earned, fuck ya'll cuz it's my turn
I'm tryin to survive an appocolypse or down turn
How burned, now is the world with these villains in it
makein me a bad man, just from me here livin in it
Tryin get bigger in, never pushin small efforts
Doin what I have to get on by and live a litte better
it would never break me or send me into a spiral down
Theres money to be made in this city im off to find it now


Real shit. Awesome job dude. Keep it up!

you jus flow over the beat man, so tight n uplifting. this is kick ass man, good to see you back around
' \chapters and pages add, I make my decissions
It's like the good and bad angels on my shoulders have collissions'
that line really stood out to me, this is an epic run man

Ill theme throughout, beat is hella dope.

Good shit ya'll.

LyRikLyNkLyNd responds:

Thankyou sir, the beat is what made this song come about. Benjadaninja made the perfect synthesis of rage and remorse to create this bi-polar track

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Jul 16, 2012
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Hip Hop - Modern
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