Through the Fields

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This song features orchestral instruments such as Viola, Violin, and Cello, partnered with modern cinematic instruments such as drums, bass guitar, and pianos.

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First off, Welcome to Newgrounds, I hope you enjoy your stay. :)

From a first impression, this piece is nice and rather pleasant to listen to, with good drums, melody, and progression. Although I dislike overly repetitive figures, you do a good job transitioning into new themes and motifs as time passes so not to bore the listener (you have that same "keep writing new passages until you find a good stopping point" mentality I have, it seems XD).

One thing you should work on is clean transitions- things like percussive rolls (cymbal, drum, etc.) to smooth over a sharp transition- in orchestral music, cymbals are your best friend.

I find the piece to have rather flat "highs" (such as around 2:00), it's barely different in volume compared to previous parts. There you must push further and transcend the bounds- be it a key change, or additional instruments (you could add a full chorus, a counter-melody on cello (consider counter-point and a running counter-melody that is prevalent), or so many other things... I did notice you added rather quietly some trumpet).

The style of the piece is very contemporary and only orchestral by the fact that it has strings. I honestly see this, no offense, best put in a sideshow of a vacation or a trip or perhaps a montage-style cut in a film. I still enjoy the piece greatly, as it does well with the chief quality of all cinematic music- to pass on emotion.

In that emotional regard, there is a rather odd side; although it is a relatively joyful piece, it has sentimental, if not sorrowful moments. This essential "two-tone" style of a happy passage and a sad passage is a really good way to go when working on original pieces.

Mixing is well done and the piece is clear.

May I ask, how long have you been composing? Have you taken classes in Composition and/or Scoring?

Good work on this piece, I hope to see more in the future. Consider posting your work in the Review Request Club thread or advertisement thread in the future though. :)

Keep compos(ed/ing)!


ryancrosthwaite responds:

Hello, thanks for the in-depth reply! I appreciate all the time and thought you put into it and will definitely be applying some of the technique you mentioned in my next pieces. As for transitions and volume / key changes- I definitely agree and need to work on those more.

As for my own compositions: I haven't actually taken any formal theory or composition classes yet, though I am starting a Theory class next semester and an internship with my professor to begin learning modern composing techniques. At the next college I'm transferring to I will be taking formal composition classes, as the one I'm at now doesn't have anything like that. Additionally, I do not know anything above basic counter-point (such as major thirds, fifths, and sixths) and that is only because I did some very minimal self-study in it. I have been composing and arranging for maybe a year at the most now.

I am very new to Newgrounds and not sure where it's appropriate to post things yet, could you send me a link to what you just mentioned?

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Jul 15, 2012
11:40 PM EDT
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