Sonic and Knuckes - Act 1 Boss

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Heavier remix of the miniboss theme; also in Sonic 3 if you can find it...


Cool, think you could make it complete now?

its ok but it'd be even better in a full version

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Grumbleduke responds:

This is actually a complete loop, strangely enough; it really is only 25 secs long!, also, tiny files mean smaller Flashes, I'm thinking of the Flash authors too.

The beginning sounds like....

James Bond styled theme :D But i do think i have heard this before when i was a kid.

Very short song, this one loops very well too with the silence at the end is not too long. Do you transpose everything perfectly as to keep it an integral version of the song or do you add stuff as well in your sonic remixes? Good song, it's a shame it's that short :)

Now i will tell you about my "new" technic to try and loop flawlessly. Well it's pretty simple.
Open your song in acid pro and cut a little part at the end of your song, less then half a second or so. Because when you export your song into mp3, the program automatically adds about half a scond or less of silence at the beginning and at the end of your loop. Even if you remove it all the program reads it again and again :( So what i did is remove a little bit of my song and the silence part makes up for the missing bit of my song.

I think it's because that when we listen to a song we get used to hearing the instruments play notes at a certain lenght so when the last note of the song is shorter by so little and the silent part is there, it's like our minds are adding the missing part because it got used to certain lenght of notes... and it loops great or almost :D

I hope i didn't lose you with all these explanations, because i know that sometimes i say thigs in a complicated way without noticing how simpler i could have put it. And to top it off english is not my first language so there could very well be mistakes.

Take a listen to my song "Enlightened by the Night" and you'll see that this one loops ten times better then my other song.

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Grumbleduke responds:

And here's me thinking this was the world's most extensive review for a 25 second loop...

When I do remixes, I go through different trains of thought. Sometimes I try to keep it as accurate as I can (FF8 The Landing), or I might have an idea that I think works well (FF9 You're Not Alone). The others I remix in my own style, but keeping to the general feel of the original, like this one. The loop itself in the game is only this long too, minus a brief intro, and I was thinking about the potential Flash authors for file size; you never know what will get used :).

The looping method you described was what I did here; I set the out-point a 1/32 note early before exporting (different program and everything).

Nice Re-make....

Though i've heard better, but this is very good!

And i like the Sonic the Hedgehog games ALOT!

So 4/5, good work!

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Grumbleduke responds:

Thanks man. I like them too.

To all other reviewers; I'm aware Knuckles is spelt wrong, but I realised too late and getting this deleted for the sake of one letter is pointless.

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May 4, 2006
12:44 PM EDT
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