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Samantha - These Dudes

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EDIT: This is a little old, we are working on releasing our album soon!

This is the first song we ever wrote. It's about fellatio. I hope you enjoy it!

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samantha i want you back but i don't think that i'm ready yet
i just poured out all i had to you

one day
you called me up, told me straight up
on how it's going to be
when you looked me in the eye
i never wanted you to let go of me
and all your friends say
that i'm a good guy
but maybe it's best if we
just give it some time to wait

samantha i want you back but i don't think that i'm ready yet
i just poured out all i had to you
some call me sweet, but you call me sour
from the bottom of the shaft to the top of the tower
babe all i need is you
yeah, oh the things we'll do

next day,
you called me up
invited me to your prom next week
i start to laugh, is this a joke
or are ya serious about me
and all my friends say
that i'm a bad guy
and maybe it's best if we
don't repeat this all again

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Very nice

OK so this was interesting i dont hear enough of these vocal types and styles but you do have a good tone here, allthough i wouldnt mind some more emotion throught the tune as it seems abit dry at times., but for the most part this was pretty good, and the guitar playing was pretty good i thought, very good infact, you have agood voice here maybe some more emothion would be nice though.

So as mentioned a good song, good lyircs but maybe a touch more on emotion.

Really nice punk song and fun to listen to. Should have a music video going with this one too.

As far as vocals go, I'd say that the singer could maybe go over towards rock a little bit but his singing sounds mostly as if it will go best with this genre of music.

The guitars sound really smooth and I like how the rhythm is nice to listen to. The bass also sounds really good here too. The solo was pretty great, maybe could have slipped in a tiny bit of tapping for fun.

The only off thing about this song is the drums sound a bit too sloppy as if the drummer was playing at his own pace rather than trying to play completely in rhythm with the rest of the song unless the drums are meant to sound sloppy for most of the song.

Overall, aside from a little bit of problems from the drums, this sounds great! Music kind of reminds me of New Found Glory.

Review Request Club

TheseDudes responds:

We're working on a music video actually! Nothing too serious. Thanks! You're the first person to compliment the bass aha! I'm glad you liked the solo, there have been a few complaints about it. Hm, the drums being "sloppy" seems to be a common point by people.. I'm glad you liked it though! We'll use all this to improve in the future!

I'm typically a fan of punk music such as this. I don't get to hear as much of it as I would like to, but I get to listen to some none-the-less. Forgive me if I'm not really thorough with this review. But yes, this is typical American punk rock.

Maybe it's because my ears have been exposed to various other genres of music, but if you do continue with this certain style of music, stick with it. I don't believe that the person who sang this could really stretch out that far in terms of any other types of music. In other words, I don't see you trying to go slow or even approach the classic rock genre. If you did, I would feel ashamed not only for you, but for the entire genre in general that you sully its good name. I'm not trying to act like a total ass; I'm just stating the obvious truth concerning your voice or whomsoever was singing this song.

It was a little shaky throughout the song. There were a few guitar riffs that I was questioning here and there (particularly towards the beginning of the song), but other than that it sounded well done. Also, towards the end---well, as a matter of fact, the actual ending of the song; it seemed all too abrupt.

~Review Request Club~

TheseDudes responds:

Thanks for the review! This is one of our "typical" songs, you're right, but we're growing! I hope you check out our stuff in the future, this is only our first song. Don't worry, we don't have any plans to be a "classic rock" band, haha.

Typical "american punk" like Blink 182. Not really the kind of punk I like, but this song is indeed pretty good.

I like the voice here, it sounds nice. Especially towards the end of the song, where the singer starts "screaming" a bit and the song becomes a bit heavier.

Overall, this is a good song. Some simple guitar riffs, that get stuck in your head, a good singing voice and a good recording quality. Not much to complain about, except for personal tastes. But "personal taste" shouldn't be reflected in the review score too much. ^^

{ Review Request Club }

TheseDudes responds:

Very appreciated! I know this kind of music isn't really for everyone. The last bit of the song is my favorite part too. Hopefully we can steer ourselves away from being immediately grouped into the "Blink-182 punk" style in the future!

O.o This is really good, did you record this in a studio cause it sounds like it, XD Brings me back to the punk days haha Tony Hawk days!

TheseDudes responds:

Yeah we did, so I'm glad it does!
Right on man, thanks a lot!

P.S: American Wasteland was my favorite.

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Jun 30, 2012
12:38 PM EDT
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