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wait a minute... are you?.. trying to tell.. ME?... uhh- YOU\"LL NEVER CATCH ME­╕

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Can I use this for my Minecraft mod?

Psychknight responds:

yeah, go ahead

I had been in this website for over years and this is my first time creating a account just to say THANK YOU! Your song is nice and also I like it when you grant permission. So yup First comment for you.

Psychknight responds:

Well alright then- heh, that's pretty cool. I'm glad for that-
- thank You sir!

I hope you don't quite! but if you do there isn't alot we can do other than give you support, i guess once the inspiration and drive is dead, the music you would be producing isn't the standard that i'm sure you would want to hear, and others would too... i like this song as it is... nice... i haven't really heard this style, but i really like it. All the best in your future endeavours 5/5

PS: mind if i use some of your tracks on some gaming things (on youtube) ? all credit to you of course...

Psychknight responds:

ooohhhhh... yes... thanks, you can use whatever PERMISSION GRANTED or for whatever... i'd love to check out the end result, send me a message with links so i can check out anything you end up using

If you leave... I will die. My ears crave your beats.. I will draw a realy sad picture too. Before i die.

Psychknight responds:

srsly. I'm so srsly half srs.. death is inevitable... OR IS IT

not sure if trolling or legitimately leaving... either way keep making music here!! i just got introduced to you by this song. the song is amazing by the way!

Psychknight responds:

I'm definitely not trolling. I've made a crap ton of crazy music, posted a lot of it here on Newgrounds, and the past couple years have not exactly been pleasing. You're my most recent 'Fan' to my page, giving me an overall whopping 9 of you guys. Granted, some of my music has been appreciated, and encouraged. But for you guys that like some of the stuff I make, you've just got to realize, I'm not quite cuttin it on what I've got going. I don't consistently make what most people want to hear, ya know I don't really have a style like all dubstep or something else that's a viral fad, and I guess most people just aren't interested in what I do. So yeah basically, I'm kind of done.. for how long l don't know. After this song, which I could've ended on, I already posted 3 more tracks. So, whatever, we'll see..

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Jun 22, 2012
2:38 PM EDT
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