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Please read description first!
Audio might be a little loud in different places; check your volume or risk your sense of hearing.

My name is Carly.
This is my rough edit of what my voice acting demo will be.
I am looking for feedback before finalizing it.
Please forgive me for I can't edit very well.

I begin with a short narration.
Next there will be 4 sound clips containing 3 emotionally neutral sentences.
The sentences are:
a. "There is a huge garden center downtown."
b. "Mandarin is the official language of China."
c. "You don't get it, do you?"
Each clip is read with a different emotion.
I then end with a second and third narration.

Here is the order:
1) Narration I - Text taken from The Dark Crystal
2) Emotions - Neutral
3) Emotions - Scared/Nervous
4) Emotions - Sarcastic
5) Emotions - Angry
6) Narration II - Text taken from The Dark Knight
7) Narration III - Text taken from http://www.edgestudio.com /node/25613

Please give me as much feedback on ways I can improve as you can. Anything helpful is greatly appreciated.

Thank-you very much for you time!

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This sounded pretty good, during the first segment I heard a slight background sound like a motor was running or a car was going by. Also during the end of every segment I heard a clicking sound as if you were stopping recording. Best thing to do for the end of any segment when done recording is listening to yourself and seeing if there is any background sound being picked up by the microphone such as the clicking sound at the end or maybe something else. If you pick up background sounds, might want to filter the sound for the microphone. If it is just a sound that happens before you start or stop talking then best thing to do is cut those parts out seeing as they are not meant to be part of the recording itself.

As for the recording itself, your voice sounds good but the one problem I have is that you remain monotone for almost the whole time and maybe raising your voice a bit every now and then. Could really use some practice as it seems you are doing. Another thing that helps is getting into character. Ask yourself what kind of voice the character would use since I highly doubt they would all use the same kind of voice used here.

Record yourself doing some higher and lower sounding voices and practice trying to sound a little different with your voice. The more variety you have with your voice, the better you will be in the voice acting business.

Overall, try getting more variety in your vocal chords, have fun voice acting!

I liked your effort of trying to fit into the different kinds of roles that you put yourself in, but perhaps you're trying too hard on it. I get the point of using the same lines to give out the general idea of what you can do as a voice actress; how far and wide your range is. But just neutral, scared, sarcastic, and angry tones doesn't cover enough of the bases that really need to be covered. There's so much more! Sad, while crying, etc. There's so many different situations that you have to think of to put yourself in so that way you can convey them to the different animation/game producers out there looking for a voice-over.

Separately, I think you did a great job with the first narration. You performed it fluently and in a way that was easy to understand. Now, maybe it's because you're a woman and it just doesn't sound the same in that type of voice, but it just didn't sound as convincing as the second narration. I just don't really see the darker tone fitting for you. The third one I was kind of on the fence about. I didn't hate it, but I didn't like it either.

It's a good start, I have to admit, but you really need to cast your net just a little bit wider. Your voice sounds suiting for a lot of the better half of parts, but you really need to work on the not-so-bright side of voice acting.

~Review Request Club~

You aren't showing a wide range. What you do have is good but they all seem kind of negative. It would be much better if you showed a few positive emotion and maybe a Narration from a kids book to cover the other end of the spectrum. A few character voices impress most people too, after all this is what people usually look for.

Woah! i see you took my advices (i though they were useless xD) Anyways, great, now were talking, i liked a lot the recordings you made with scared/nervous emotions, but angry im my opinion needs more emotion, but its me and my crazy talk... I think im refering to explode, thats ok. If you were voice acting in an animation, i would feel connected with the emotions, (you put of course). You seem to control the way you talk with your emotions, again great work! And i hope you reach high spots with your talent, Dont waste it :D

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