Grozvault Volume 2

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This is just a bunch of garbage songs that are either unfinished, bad, stolen, or some combination of these qualifiers. Some of them are really old, some of them are... less old. I've got timecodes, titles, and director commentary notes for you.

0:00- Ghost of the Mosquito- I liked this one so I put it first.

0:31- Let's All Drink A Glass Of Milk Right Now- This was going to be for a final boss battle in Dog Adventure, a game I'm working on. I'm probably going to do something else for that instead.

1:35- Alien Invasion At The Haunted House- it is what it is yo.

2:23- Bells I Stole From Something- I think I stole this from something and also there are bells.

02:43- Brocach- I named this after an Irish bar/restaurant I went to a couple times.

02:56- CastleStealia- It's like in Castlevania, but stolen almost directly. I knew that while making it but made it anyway.

03:15- I Don't God Damned Know- whatever man

03:28- More DA Crap- Unfinished battle song for DA.

03:38- More DA Songs I don'tkbs dv- Ditto to the above. DITTO LIKE POKEMON DAE DAE UPBOATS OTHER WORDS.

03:47- Organ Boss- Another chunk from a failed boss song. IT SUCKS LIKE YOU.

03:51- Organ Eater- This one here is another song.

04:12- Ripping Fiends- Another thing I'm pretty sure I ripped off of something. I didn't make a typo.

04:22- Terror Face- This is the bass line for my remix of Striat Up Garbage Bro, but extremified.

04:37- Unhappy- I don't know why I saved the file as "unhappy." It doesn't seem that unhappy.

05:10- Fruity Craps- This is the first thing I made when I switched over to FL 11, and it sucks.

05:23- Happy House- I thought this song was too similar to the beginning of Carnival On Fire, which was too similar to Carnival of Frowns and that other shitty slow song I made that one time.

06:00- Slow N' Steady- This is what happens if you try to play Mario's Picross while you're floating in a vat of molasses.

06:19- Cool Gorilla- My current laptop doesn't have a subwoofer, but the one I made this on did, back in like 2008. I honestly can't even hear the song before the drums come in on this FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT.

06:40- Front Porch Bullshit- Another one from 2008, made literally immediately after Puke Nukem. How'd you guess?

06:58- Fuck: The Song- Back when I was using a demo version of FL studio, I made a really long and weird song similar to Melting Computer Lounge, but got bored of it and decided to stop. You can't save projects in the demo, but you can export them and combine two halves of a file later in Audacity, so I exported and closed FL. Unfortunately, I didn't notice it was set on "Export Pattern" instead of song, so it exported this and I closed FL Studio and lost the song forever. This isn't the pattern it exported, but it's as far as I got in trying to recreate the original song before I decided "Fuck it." Hence the title.

07:03- Chaos Emerald- This was inspired by Doneveno's 5 Minute Meltdown or whatever, where you try to make as much of a song as you can in 5 minutes. So, that's.. the story behind this song.

07:21- The Pirates of Penzass- This is another 5 minute song. It's about pirates.

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Jun 20, 2012
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