Bamboo Beating (remake)

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Hi all! Recently i have been remaking Bamboo Beating, for the 60 frame collab 4. Also, i wanted to do it because this was my hit in 2011, and i had to make it more juicy! Well i know i know... Its 6:46 mins long, its EXTREMELY long! So i think im on thin ice :S But anyways, i like it how it is! :D

Listen to the old version:
http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/432969

Ok now the changes:
-Its larger. Like i said, its 6:46 mins long, the first version is about 5:20 mins long.
-Improved mixing (but i still need to dominate it).
-More sounds and effects (and i replaced sounds too).
-Different intro.
-Different outro.
-Different drums.
So, if you liked this version more than the first one, you should thank: SCTE3, Soapbubble and NimblekidX, they pointed me the errors, so i fixed them (or that is what i think).

And finally, a fun fact:
Did you know bamboo is really a grass? (What the heck?!? No way!) Well ,yes way. Even though these woody poles are so tall and so hard, they are actually in the same family as the grass in your yard. Some bamboo grows at an unbelievable rate of speed, two feet in just one day! One type of bamboo has been found growing 100 feet tall!

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Amazing Job! Special Chords FTW nice mastering nice structure :D

Thank you for giving me some fresh and new toughts by making this song. Awesome!

They say music can take you to places u´ve never been before, this just did to me, and I love it :)

ESTAR48 responds:

Your welcome :3 i never tought my music was so emotional :P

Review sent. This is actually a fairly cool techno song out of those I've heard.

THE GOOD: Sorry, there's not very many specific good things that I can comment on. :< Overall it sounds nice.
-Interesting chording, arpeggios, and some interesting timing as well.
-Nice mixing, there's very little wrong with it.
-I like the general tune of it.
-You have your facts straight, bamboo is indeed a grass. :D

-First thing. I'm sorry, it just goes on for too long. There's a lot here, but there's not enough to last for almost 7 minutes. :< This NEEDS more variation tune-wise, feel-wise, and instrument-wise.
-Transition at 0:47 is a bit off, the chords are too suddenly different without any particular common factors to bring them together. Even a simple bassline below or a beat would have helped.
-Your drum samples. They could be a lot better than the simple FL Studio defaults. There are a LOT of free sample packs, as well as some beat machines - I recently downloaded several. If you want a VST, try looking up the DSK VSTi. I generally use DSK Drums - MachineZ.
-The outro could be improved, it's rather sudden - though part of that is because the piece kind of 'drags on' with the same kind of feel and tune for the near-seven minutes. Also, you might want to use something more than one of FL Studio's default effects.

Hopefully this is helpful!

-Review Request Club-

ESTAR48 responds:

Thanks a lot for your review, im totally agree with you, i know its too long, i completely know thats a mistake... And yeah, the transitions, trust me, i talked to myself that, but i dont know why i decided to leave it that way xD My great succes here, is that i improved mixing, and thats one of my common problems i have making my songs, so im glad you didnt see a problem there (yeah!!!) Drums are kinda simple i know, but i decided to leave it that way, its not a remake, its more like an extended version, but in future songs its obvious that ill put more sounds, effects, more everything, and the outro, well... its not my fault, my brother told me to do that... (i wont listen to him anymore xD) Thanks for your review! im totally agree with you, i just made this for fun, obviousle this is not my best work, and in the process i didnt put a lot my mind to it... But anyways thanks a lot! As always, your reviews are very helpful! :D

nice job, good mastering, pretty good melody, sounds and stuff are good. Seems pretty original

ESTAR48 responds:

Thanks a lot kittie, im glad you liked it :3

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