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Hello! My name is Carlyndra, but you may call me Carly if you wish.

I decided to make and upload a voice-acting audition so that I might be able to work on a project with someone as a voice actor.

I have been told that I have a very "distinct" and "unique" voice over the years. Whether that's a good thing or a bad thing has always been a question without an answer to me.

The script I used I found at Edge Studio. Here is the link to the script: http://www.edgestudio.com /node/25613

If you can't access the link, here is the text:
"A copy is just an identical image. There is a possiblity that a virus could destroy an entire set of systems, and copies don't give rise to variety and originality. Life perpetuates itself through diversity, and this includes the ability to sacrifice itself if necessary. Cells repeat the process of regeneration and degeneration until one day they die, obliterating an entire set of memory and information. Only genes remain. Why continually repeat this process? Simply to avoid the weaknesses of an unchanging system."

I am looking not only to collaborate on a project, but also to get some feedback on my audition.
This is the first time I have done anything like this, so any constructive criticism is both welcomed and appreciated.

Thank-you! ^-^

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You have a very good voice. I really can imagine to hear this voice in flash movies or other projects. However, it would be very good if you could provide authors with some different sets of emotions (as it already was suggested in a review). For this, it would be really helpful if you could record the same sentence(s) in different emotions. For example "Hey, how are you?" could be read with the emotions "happy" or "distant" (like, you don't really care how the other person is, but you ask it anyway). This would show that you are able to create certain atmospheres/emotions just with your voice.

Also, there seems to be a small hickup during the words "until one day they die". There is a slight pause between "day" and "they die". I don't know if this was done on purpose, but it sounds a little bit strange.

I'm sure you already know this, but I just tell you anyway ; ) : It's always a good idea to split texts in parts. Especially longer texts. Maybe you could read only one paragraph, listen to it and record it again if you are not satisfied with the result. At the end, you can simply add all the recorded paragraphs together. This way, you can easily avoid mistakes and you don't have to record the whole text again.

Ok, maybe this advise isn't of too much help here, since the text isn't very long. But it's still a good idea to record a paragraph more than once. You could then chose the best one and present it.

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Nice, you talk very fluently, you voice is very clean, and yeah, your voice its quite good for voice acting! My only complaint is that you have to put more emotion depending on what are you talking, dont get me wrong, i know this kind of text should be read perfectly as you did, but i barely could know at some point you were saying a question, but these are only minor things, i hope you grow with the talent you have!

Carlyndra responds:

Thank-you so much for your feedback!
Hmm, I have been told that my voice (non-acting) can be a little monotone, so maybe that has something to do with it. I find that sometimes when I try to put a lot of emotion in, it sounds somewhat insincere or fake. Definitely something I need to and will work on.

I did make a second recording adding some more emotions. Would you mind at all to give me your feedback on that?

Thank-you very much once again! Your comment was very helpful =]

Very mature i would definitely consider having you on my Team but i would like to know how your voice is used when constructing set emotions and psychological Drama, in your voice.
My Current Project is called the king of schools..

Carlyndra responds:

Thank-you very much for your comment!

You make a good point; I will definitely add some lines delivered with different emotions.
Thanks again!
Following your advice, I made a second recording to add some emotions. Do you think that you could maybe take a listen to it and give me some more criticism? I would very much appreciate it.

Thank-you! =]

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