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Author Comments

UPDATE: Mixed this thing properly, for a change. It sounds a lot better overall, and is like, actually decent.

Clipping's gone, I fixed the weird thing in the beginning, and while the delay is still being a bit weird, it still sounds decent. I have no idea how to fix what's wrong with the delay though, so you might have to just live with it. :( Sorry.

Way I fixed the mixing was by introducing compressors without any gain, and doing a teeny-weeny bit of EQing.

Oh, also, I made the drums sound a bit lighter since some people didn't like them as much!



So wacky... So cool...

SkyeWint responds:

I like making original stuff. Wacky is good. :D

Really nicely done track right here. Some minor things I didn't like, but all in all I really enjoyed it. Love the sound of the synths you used. There seems to be some clipping at certain points in the track, mixing could do a bit more work.I really liked the way you used your bass, am impressed that you managed to do all this while on a plane. The song is well varied and flows quite nicely. At certain points the melody made the song sound like video game music from a JRPG, other times it sounded like a classically inspired electronica track. Really enjoyed that.

I'm not sure I'd keep the drums. The snare sample wasn't very good, IMO, and the hi-hat sample also sounded a bit too much computerized to me.

SkyeWint responds:

Hello! Thanks! :D

"Love the sound of the synths you used."
Thanks - this was one of the songs I've made due to finding a synth rather than having an idea from another place.

"There seems to be some clipping at certain points in the track, mixing could do a bit more work."
Yerp. I could have done more work on the mixing. Holy crap though, it is HARD to mix on a plane.

"I really liked the way you used your bass"
Love using the bass that way. :P After all, it's a part of the song as much as anything else, shouldn't it be part of the tune too?

"The song is well varied and flows quite nicely."
Yep. 's one of the things I work hardest on.

"I'm not sure I'd keep the drums."
Aw, really? :<

"The snare sample wasn't very good, IMO"

"the hi-hat sample also sounded a bit too much computerized to me."
Oh, really? That's the first I've heard about it. However, I would have to agree on that part, though I'd also say that all of the drums are extremely computer-y, they're from the DSK DrumZ - MachineZ, which are really computerized drums.

Thanks again for the review, Soap! :D

Very neat little piece of music here. I've never really ventured into this type of electronica, but nonetheless I was entertained. Imma do a review like you do.

-Bass: You ventured from a traditional single-note bass into something more organic and flowing. It fitted the rest of the song well.
-Melody: The ever-changing melody you wrote for this is remeniscent of more classical pieces and is another aspect of the song I quite like.

-Mixing: The song clips in a few places and especially at the beginning. Just putting a limiter on the master is a quick way to fix this.
-Drums: The drums seemed a bit out of place in the song. Maybe use a quieter snare.

Overall, I quite like this little experiment of yours. Good job and props for plane-writing.

SkyeWint responds:

Hey there! Thanks for the review, with some feedback that can help! Also, I saw that you used my format. :D I use it mainly 'cause it gets the messages across and is really simple.

So, to respond to each point in turn...

I almost always do that, actually. I *really* don't like basslines that are just one or two notes. If you've heard any of my other songs, all of their basslines are constantly changing and more 'organic'.

...and I almost always do this too. I love variation. :P Also, interesting note that you probably noticed - the bassline is as much part of the melody as the other synths.

Funnily enough, the clipping at the beginning is an issue with the FLS delay, I did something weird there and it didn't work. In the other places, yes, I agree. Also, I should try that out, putting a limiter on the master. I honestly haven't used limiters/compressors... well, pretty much ever. I NEED to learn about that. Also maybe a peak controller... Thanks for the reminder! :)

Hmm. You're not the first one to comment on that, as I'm sure you saw. Oh well. If you mean the quality of the drums, yes, I totally agree, they're not the best. I worked hard on the patterns though, and one ambient reverse cymbal thing that sounds kind of 'hissy'. Anyway. Yeah. I get what you're saying here, I could have quieted the snare, I suppose...

Overall. Thanks! :D Great review. Helpful. Straight. To-the-point. Me gusta.

See you around, and feel free to ask for more reviews on any of your songs as well!

To be made in a plane is very good! In my opinion, the drums quality sounded kind of simple, but the whole tune is passive so i think its just me and my crazy talk... I liked the transitions, the effects you put there fitted perfectly, I enjoyed this piece, its not repetitive at all. The only thing i didnt like here: drums. Hope this helps!

SkyeWint responds:


Yeah, the tune is very passive and ambient, the bass and arpeggios are used about as much as the more 'lead'-like instruments for the tunes. :)

The transitions use several effects I have, like a reversed cymbal with a strong phaser on it, as well as one cool effect I like a lot called "Wavescape" - it's actually a pad, but. Still. xD Oh, and the pitch slide at the end was exactly that, a pitch slide. :)

The drums, yes, they are simple. I wasn't really looking for fancy cool incredible drums, mainly was trying to keep them simple and sweet, instead working harder on having a cool pattern for them. It's a different style of drums from what I normally have.

Thanks for the feedback, it did help! :D

Welcome to Australia!!
I hope you brought a coat of some kind. It's cold here. :/

Fun fact; Contrary to popular belief, taste and smell are NOT connected.

SkyeWint responds:

Hey there!

"It's cold here. :/"
...what. I know it's supposedly the middle of winter here, but I live in MAINE normally. This is what it's like in the early fall or late spring, so I'm perfectly fine.

Just one thing I'd like to ask you - could you provide some constructive criticism if you're not giving a 10, or a reason why you think it's sub-par? ;) Just would be helpful to know what I could do better.

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4.59 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2012
12:25 AM EDT
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2 min 27 sec

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