Chaos Beast

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Hard breaks. It doesn't sound like Scooter, so vote 0 I guess.



This rocks. All I've got to say.

Very nice

While I do enjoy alot of your music (some of it just isn't my thing but that's just personal preference) I must say that this is my favorite!

I can honestly say that this is arguably on par with some of Paragon's stuff.

Keep up the great music, it just keeps getting better with experience!

dj-padman1 responds:

Thanks very much for your generous comments.
Its probably VERY arguably on par with some of Paragons ;)
I'll keep plugging away at it, no doubt in the world.
Later! ;)

Holy shit...

So I want to say this is DnB or Techno, but since I don't know where to draw the line between which I'll say it's clean industrial and go on to the review.

You are Jesus.

I will worship you.

You'll probably never reply to this review.

Anyway, This is definetly Chaotic, a credit to the name, and it has a kick your ass feel, and it really does kick your ass if you're not careful. I actually had to shake my head at one point because I got all goose-pimpley and stuff in one of the many quiet-spikes you impliment in this piece.

In the end, there's no particular image of kick-ass this piece displays, much like an epic battle between everything all at once, you feel like everything getting its ass kicked and being forced to like it, much in a dance-ish way. You might change it back to dance after hearingg all of this.

But rhythm that makes your head dance doesn't make your legs dance at all, just shake in anticipation of kicking ass. Over all, this is fucking oh my jesus christie-shits awesome.

::slaps in a 5::
::explodes, in a shower of bodyparts::
-Zedar, The Scythe-Monger

dj-padman1 responds:

Wow, thats one enthusiastic review! Don't get too many like that let me tell you. :)

Firstly, I agree with your judgement, its most likely industrial breaks. This site really needs a breakbeat category, its such a popular style nowadays.

I enjoyed reading your interpretation of the song! As a creator, its always nice to know that your work has some kind of influence. I'm stoked that you got some primal satisfaction from it.

Stay tuned for more hardcore, I've got exams in the near future, but after that its going to be music-time!

Stay cool Zedar.

Crackin Breaks

Hey man, your a freakin machine,3 songs in 2 days. not that it shows. This is one of your best so far.
I want to know if your still on fruityloops cause theres still some heavy effects in use here.
The thrashy drums sound really well distorted, all the sounds are complimentry to each other.
Im struggling more and more finding advice to give. a bit of a quiet interlude would add some impact maybe, thats about all i got.
Ill get some new stuff on here soon, as im sure you will. Talk to u soon

dj-padman1 responds:

Hey, it's great to get some feedback from a real breakbeat connoisseur and technician!
I kind of felt like a soft interlude was in order but nothing I tried was working, you know how it goes sometimes. I was perhaps a bit lazy in just droppimg the bass and going for a percussive breakdown.
You're right again, this isn't Fruitloops, its Live. Not that Fruitloops can't rinse it with some filthy distortion as well mind you!
The drum samples are definately not Fruitloops standard though.
Thanks for the review, and I'm waiting eagerly for your latest creations.


i think you put this in the wrong genre. it sounds more like techno than dance to me. anyways, it was alright. it got kind of boring after a while though.

dj-padman1 responds:

I don't even know what dance is. You're right, it's probably more like techno. Sorry it was boring for you, probably needed some circus music or some James Blunt samples..
there's always tomorrow...

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Apr 28, 2006
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