Tai_Chi Fighting

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Some slap bassery - also, some piano and guitars and stuff


Ableton - Musicman Bongo Bass - Hohner Pro Guitar

3rdBass vst
BassChorusv23 vst
TAL USE/Reverb
Retronix vst


Whoah, that intro certainly threw me for a loop. I think that this song could use a bit more though...

-The piano sounds pretty nice in the beginning.
-That bass from 0:17-0:44 is pretty awesome.
-The mixing of this is really good, and the individual instruments are very good.

-Unfortunately, the transition between the piano and the actual funk part was... choppy, or abrupt, to say the least. It would have been nice to have a bit of a lead-in, some kind of build-up effect right before the hit of the guitar and bass.
-The snare seems to have a bit of an odd reverb coming off the end of it, which I mainly heard in the 0:17-0:36 section. After that, the other instruments drown it out.
-Speaking of 0:36, that to 0:44 is an awesome buildup to nothing. Would have been nice if the buildup lead to some really great riffs on the guitar and bass, before the second buildup sound at 1:17-1:26 (which works fine to lead out, by the way).

This could use a bit more working on the overall flow and the transitions in this. The individual sections sound pretty good, but they don't flow well and/or transition well to each other. Other than that, pretty cool.

-Review Request Club-

Possibly responds:

Thanks for the review, appreciate it. From my point of view, it was supposed to be about contrasts and surprise so I intentionally made it jarring, perhaps a bit too much :)

The point about flow and transition, I take your point, but that's what I was going for - I think they conect well, but it's just that they are disparate and not necessarily what you might expect.

Thanks again for taking the time.

This starts off really slow and I was asking myself why this is in the Funk genre, when suddendly the bass guitar began to play a pretty good riff.

At 0:36 other instruments set in as well and they play a very nice riff. I was expecting the song (even though it's pretty short) to really set off here, but sadly, it didn't. We can hear that nice riff again towards the end of the song.

I think you could use that riff as an amzing intro to a much longer song. But in this piece, I feel there's just too much stuff missing...

{ Review Request Club }

Possibly responds:

Ah fair enough, thanks for taking the time anyway. My personal feeling is that if I focused on the more riffy elements, it wouldn't have so much texture. It was supposed to be more of a short and surprising journey.

Thanks again :)

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Jun 16, 2012
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