Rich People

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do i sometimes know what in the world i am doing

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So this was something strange

Well this was something strange there is alot of random sounds and uniquesounds, and its almost if you threw in a whole bunch of random stuff but it seems to be working, its not perfect by any means but i do like all the random sounds and you do have some unique ones that seem to come together in a starnge and odd way, so how can you improve on this? not sure but maybe some sorta direction of a song like theme.

Needs a song theme, maybe it can be worked out with all the unique sounds.

Wow this is incredible! The atmosphere is so unusual and very much unlike much I've heard before. Contrary to the reviewer below, I find that the clicks are actually really nice - rather, I find the title to be unfitting. It just doesn't capture the artistic content of this piece. The percussion is done really nicely in my opinion ( I think base drum needs something a little punchier though). As for other effects, I think some vocal stabs would add a lot to the artistic effect you create here. Please see Stephen J Kroos - Reperfusion for some ideas for vocals. And while I absolutely love the lead sounds, others might like to hear some stronger sounds once in a while (please please keep those wonderful leads). For some ideas, you might want to look into Andrew Bayer - Nexus 6 (though, I think you create here quite a unique atmosphere that you should keep). Anyway, I hope you keep on producing amazing tracks like this!

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks PrEmoEffect! You are one of the first artists I really liked and followed on this site - on my old account thatbennyguy. I pm'd you with my crap album once and you listened to the whole thing - and even gave notes! You're the man, and your production skills are unique and unparalleled. Cheers bro and hope to keep hearing from you!


This is a really strange song. But luckily "strange" doesn't mean "bad" at all. This song is strange, but it does have certain appeal. The melodies sound pretty good, for example. Also, the drums toward the end of the song are very bassy, which also does sound good.

What makes this song so strange is the rhythm. It seems to be really out of place, but somehow everything DOES fit in the end. And this is what makes this song so unique.

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xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks for the review, and yes it is strange. The rhythm is weird, I understand, but I was just trying things out. "unique" is my style, I guess :P


This doesn't sound too bad at all. It does however sound kind of like a dull rhythm and some things seem really out of place on this song. For example the loud snapping sounds in the background seem to be unneeded and when that sound is not present the song sounds fine.

The drums sound good and the loud bass kicks are calming on the ears. The synth has a dream like feeling to as if you were relaxed and just having visions of a good day. The walking and reverb sound at the end was interesting. Bass was also rather smooth so good work there too.

Overall, aside from the quirky out of place sounding snapping, the song is fine.

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xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks for the review! I will work hard to make it more pleasing to the ears as you say, and less jarring. Thanks


Jesus, this sounds great. Like Boards of Canada with a beatbox on top. Damn.

xxxZigZagxxx responds:

Thanks bro I wasn't really proud of this beat but I got some good feedback from my friends, one of them even said it was "the best thing I've heard from you" so that's probably a good sign :)

Cheers and thanks for commenting :)

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Jun 14, 2012
7:18 PM EDT
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