Harmonic Symphony 12

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-June 14th, 2012-

*If you want, listen to the original Harmonic Voltage first:


My rewrite of Harmonic Voltage from Animusic. My computer has shut this down twice before as I was writing it and screwed this version up to. (I'm in the process of rewriting it again). For now, enjoy this version. Tons of time and work went into this song!! I'm glad it's finally up here

(Listen with headphones)

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Rinileki14 responds:

Thanks so much!!!

The beginning is great, love the hook, and it definitely kept me listening.

I want to say first that I know how hard it can be to write very lengthy pieces, and how much time can be put away into projects like this.

Down to the nitty-gritty:
--The intro, great job, except for what comes after it does not seem to fit the feeling we get from the introduction. This plays with the emotional portrayal and kind of kills off that beautifully well written, calm beginning a little too drastically. Maybe if we were more subtly placed into the whole of the song that comes, over an even more gradual period, I think the transition would have worked better. But something is still off.

-----With that being said, my specific point of confusion is at 1:26. Up until then I'm drifting off into a cool world; I'm floating on a boat in the water and not caring about the any woes, but then all of a sudden this goofy sounding, child-like innocence of bouncy emotion penetrates this soft bubble you've placed us in. This bouncing undertone melody happens and I feel like I'm an adult who was trying to relax, only to have my toes stepped on by a kid I was forced to bring along.

-----Now, analogies aside, technically speaking that horn that occurs at 1:26 just does not fit with the booming bass that rocks my headphones (although I love that bass, it helps us anticipate what's coming).

-----I feel like if you just snipped out 1:26 to about 2:10, you'd find yourself with an immensely better transition! Obviously you'd have the rewrite the bridge between those two parts, but if you snip out those 50-some-odd seconds, you'll see what I'm getting at.

-----I like the cymbal, it fits in where it's needed without too much excess.

-----Finally, the section that starts your coda, your ending to this cool piece, I feel would make a great B section. If you expanded it, and placed it in a minute or so earlier, it would provide awesome contrast to your A section (which is the main theme you've given us). This does things like keep our attention, maybe not be so repetitive, and all the while it certainly does not distract from the world you were trying to create to begin with - it only enhances and deepens our time in it.

Overall, well done! It has great potential and is already a good piece.

Rinileki14 responds:


Suffers from poor mastering, particularly difficulty distinguishing between instrument voices and punchy volume here and there. Also a number of the transitions are jarring and repetitive, it's certainly easy to overuse the reverse cymbal sound but I'd suggest you keep away from it a little more!

Smoother transitions and better mastering would make this truly excellent! The melody has a ton of variety and beautiful parts, it's a pity it doesn't sound cleaner.

Rinileki14 responds:

Thank!! -_- lol

I loved some of the tunes from Animusic man. Harmonic Voltage and Heavy Light especially. I think you captured some of the great things about Harmonic Voltage, and most of the variations and new stuff is neat too, but the mix is a bit hot and compressed and I'd still prefer listening to the original unfortunately. c:

Rinileki14 responds:

Fair enough ) Thanks for listening and the review!!

Very nice song. It's a bit different from what I expected at first, but it's always nice if you can surprise your listeners.

The song starts off really quiet and slow. A dream like atmosphere is created in the first few seconds. But there's also some creepy feeling in the first 30 seconds. However, at around the one minute mark, the creepy feeling vanishes, now the song sounds much more peaceful. The weirdest thing is: I don't even know why I think the song as a creepy undertone at first...

Anyway, the song progresses and it becomes more and more happy with every second. At around 3:11 the song also becomes more energetic, until it reaches a climax at 3:50. If I would just listen to the first 30 seconds and then to this part, I would never guess that it's the same song. So it's really amazing how you managed this change in atmosphere by slowly progressing the song.

Really nice work!

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Rinileki14 responds:

Thanks! It's so great to see this song getting such great feedback! My sole intent was to make this song as unique, awe inspiring and enjoyable as my musical talents would allow. I can safely say, I believe I succeeded! XD I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it. Thanks again for reviewing and I hope to see more great reviews from you!

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Jun 14, 2012
6:23 PM EDT
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