Rebirth - short

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Latest and greatest. short version. Contact me if you want the whole 5:21 song



It's pretty good. The one dude said you used preset loop thingies, (I actually do the same thing right now, check out my songs if you get a chance) but it was still pretty good.

SlikRik19 responds:

Hey, thanks man! I listened to your stuff, it ain't too bad. Yea I do use a buncha presets, but I'm slowly startin to learn to do my own stuff, so check back later, I might have something new for yall.



nice job on using those sample sounds togethere.
i really like this keep it up im not using samlples no more heh =p laters dude keepe it up!

SlikRik19 responds:

Thanks man! Expect to see more at a later date.



this is a total abuse of sytrus... no i kid, but, you should really use other stuff than sequences from sytrus, in the beggining, that is an arp, from sytrus, and then later on the atez sequence comes over, and its to repetedive, i gave you a low effort because these are just sequences from sytrus, well most of it... and i really do think you could make a better beat.. like so:

Kick : X...x...x...
Openhat : ..S...S...S.
Hihat : X.X.X.X.X.X.
VT_hihat1:SSSSSSSSSSSS lower the sound on it and add a delay effect, and then add a snare or a clap, maby set a reverb on that, thats a good start of a beat..
i am not saying that i could make a better song, i dont even think i could. but i think you should use maby another synth with the sytrus, like the 3x0sc, if you know how to tweak that synth right, you can get a good sound out of that, i used it much in my song called Loop, but yeah, your song is really neat, just try not to make your next one so repedetive and use other presets :)

SlikRik19 responds:

First of all, lemme say OMG, it's pallmanni, reviewing MY audio!!! I'm honored...
Second, hell yes you could make a better song, Zat remix is AMAZING!! (I haven't actually heard many of your others, but that one I did, and downloaded instantly...) I was actually thinkin of using it in one of my flashes.
Third, yea, like I said to some other dude, I am still learning FL, and Sytrus seems to be my only strong point, although I am getting better with a few others. I've fiddled around with the 3x0sc, but still have MUCH to learn about that. Next time I'll add in some other synth or something.
Thanks for all the help and the great review!



not bad, but i recognise most of those riffs from fl6 premade in sytrus

SlikRik19 responds:

Thanks. I'm still learning about FL, and so far, the Sytrus seems to be my only good strength, but I'm gettin better.



sweet song man i like it

SlikRik19 responds:

Hey, thanks alot, I'm quite proud of it.


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Apr 27, 2006
6:34 PM EDT
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